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London Fertility Clinics

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smallbluestar Tue 30-Oct-12 22:25:29

Has anyone got any recommendations? We've tried various bits and bobs and suspect we'll now have to move on to IVF early next year. DP and I are relatively young and I'm hopeful....I'm looking for somewhere with good success rates, where I feel that the treatment is really personalised, but where I'm not going to get super-stressed with zillions of tests every five minutes...

highlove Wed 31-Oct-12 08:32:50

Have a look at London women's clinic. In the end we didn't have treatment there (as we were able to access NHS funding while we lived in london) but we would definitely have stayed with them had we had to go private. I did feel a little pushed straight to IVF and at the time i felt it would be worth exploring ither options. But I've since learnt many clinics will do that because it is ultimately the best chance of success and, if you are already at that point, then definitely worth looking into them.

Their success rates are excellent - not quite as high as some I don't think but then they don't do the billion and one tests other clinics offer, which it sounds like you're not up for.

In particular we thought the support they offered was brilliant - we are now out of London and private again at a lovely clinic but it doesn't offer that same support LWC offered. They have regular (free) support groups and workshops led by a really lovely lady who has been through this herself.

Best of luck.

jameson Thu 27-Dec-12 13:51:27

Hi Guys,

I am new to London and went to the London Women's Fertility Clinic. Does anyone have any information on this clinic? Is it a great place? Would you recommend it. Do you have any personal experiences with this place? Any feedback would be great...I feel really anxious about infertility here in London!

Shelley6314 Wed 09-Jan-13 21:30:51

Yes, I have a significant amount of experience with LWC. A few years ago their service and support was pretty good but in more recent years as they have expanded the quality of information shared and personalised touch has evaporated. Recently it took me 2 months to get a response out of their donor bank for a very simple question and even more concerning the information the donor bank provided me was false. I would research other places as well as LWC as you need to be able to trust your clinic.

millimax Tue 21-May-13 11:48:09

I'm just starting my first IVF at the London women's clinic and would be really interested in others views of the place. nervous of course but it seems to be generally a good clinic?? any additional information greatly appreciated.

Hoophopes Tue 21-May-13 13:30:07

Can you access NHS funding? If so where do they allow you to go?

Otherwise the Lister, Zita West and ARGC are worth investigating for starters. Depends whereabouts is best for you to get to and what type of issue you have and what approach of treatment you want. For instance ZW's dr speciality is immune issues, ARGC is more expensive as very intensive monitoring etc etc. other hospitals or clinics will have other specialities.

Totesamazeballs Tue 21-May-13 21:38:05

I am afraid I don't know how the process of applying for IVF works but I know an excellent gynae who works at the London Clinic if you wanted advice / expert view. Can you post names on here?

CharmingCats Tue 21-May-13 21:59:26

We're going to concept fertility clinic in Putney for their couple's assessment. Not sure if we'd go for treatment there, as I'd want to do some more research first. Just getting the tests and a consult at this stage.
I've heard good things about the bridge clinic in London bridge. You should factor in distance and ease of transport, especially if you'll be going for monitoring scans etc.

ilovebones Wed 22-May-13 11:01:24

Just wanted to give my view on London womens clinic.

I started my treatment with lwc about a year and a half ago. They totally screwed us over and took our money. They have a very good approach for lesbians which was very appealing and they say all the right things.

I went with documents about hormones and cycles (ranging from 34-56 days) and showing when smiles were appearing on sticks (3 times a month and nearly every month) and they were very unconcerned and said not to worry about it.

Even when the 3 cycles finished and finished with a mmc and more monitoring occurred because we pushed for a slightly different cycle did we fall pregnant.

We had a consultation after the cycles finished and the mmc and even then they wanted to push for another natural cycle.

We have since gone to another nhs hospital - Homerton - Brilliant and very thorough. They also discovered that I have pco and this should have been picked up.

I have wasted thousands a lot of emotions and now I may not be able to try again. I wish I had known.

I will never go back and I can not recommend them to anyone. They truly were terrible.

ilovebones Wed 22-May-13 11:06:04

I forgot to add. We had lost of problems with the sperm banks and when we went to sign the forms for the sperm ( we were in London that day) we found that the eye colour was completely different to the one we had picked for that donor.

The quality of the sperm was very variable and they managed to mess up the first donation.

A friend has also been misdiagnosed from lwc and they inseminated her with a sample (different from mine) and hers were 2 million per unit. It should be over 3/4 million.

Beamae Wed 22-May-13 11:06:10

I had my IVF at Homerton. I'd also recommend, success first cycle. And I've heard good reports from others who have also gone there. You won't get as pampered as you would at a private clinic but that's just fluff.

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