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Implantation Bleeding?

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allegedlyINFP Tue 30-Oct-12 17:36:36


First post, and it's a bit of a stupid one smile I had unprotected sex on the day I ovulated (don't you love iPhone apps), and now ten days later I'm bleeding (Alice Cooper understands). This 'bleed' means that my period is two weeks early, which is super unusual for yours truely. I'm having cramping and it's not light (but it's also not usual, very brown - apologies if TMI).

Does anyone think it's implantation bleeding. I'm hoping not, as the penetrator (har,har) is not exactly Dad material (and to that end I'm not exactly Mum material).

Any answers would be really appreciated, as the only help I can find is on Yahoo answers...

Merci xx

(Oh before anyone asks, the condom split and I DID take the morning after pill...this may just be major, major paranoia, but it's so unusual for me to be this early).

allegedlyINFP Tue 30-Oct-12 20:54:46

Oh I discovered the search function - and that it's probably just a period. Thanks anyway Mumsnet smile

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