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Wtf is my period so light?

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QuietNinjaTardis Mon 29-Oct-12 18:17:24

Cd34 and now I'm on cd1 but its light spotting. I've had mild period pain for couple of days and then started spotting this morning and its not got any heavier. And before anyone says implantation we haven't actually dtd for a couple of weeks as we weren't technically trying this month for various reasons so only did it twice blush so why the hell can it not just get on with it so I can get it out the way and start trying again? Getting pissed off with my periods messing me about. How long after coming off the pill till my periods settle down? Feeling really fed up today and having a rant, sorry.

QuietNinjaTardis Mon 29-Oct-12 19:21:06

Oh and poas this morning and bfn. Any ideas? Tia

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