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Thread nr 2 - 12 months on and most people on TTC thread are pregnant

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tasjaSAmuminSA Mon 29-Oct-12 14:44:44

Munch - Happy bday to your husband!

Mrs-how long are your friends staying. Will probably take your minds of TTC for a bit.

Well, tomorrow is our concert. Had the dress rehearsal today. Hope tomorrow night goes smoothly!

With all this work going on I noticed with a shock this morning - I'm 4 days late! Bought a test this afternoon. Going to do it tomorrow morning.

LynziBaccoli Mon 29-Oct-12 15:26:53

Hello. Its been a while sorry guys, I hope you are all doing well?
Else, great news about 'the bump' I am so happy for you
My appointment is on weds so I am biting my nails until then.
The pain is increasing, but I am taking medication again until after my appt as I have not been in the mood for TTC until I get it over with.
Tas- i have my fingers crossed for you, for the test and the show.
I will be back after my appointment,
Best wishes and love xx

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