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trying to conceive 2nd child

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BumptooBaby Sun 28-Oct-12 08:07:05

Hi All

Im new to this site and was just after a bit of advice.

We have a daughter who is 4 next month and are now trying for a 2nd child. I came off contraceptive pill in February and have been trying ever since. March and April cycles were messed up but May to September cycles have run at 29 days and Period has arrived on day ive expected it to.

October cycle - im now on day 35 and no period has arrived. This was due 23/10 last tuesday. I tested wednesday and got a big fat negative but now 4 days on still nothing.

Has anyone been through a smilar situation? is there still a chance I may be pregnant even though I got the negative result? should I test again? Dont want to just keep testing for the sake of it and depressing myself even more.

Of course then im worrying that if im not pregnant then something may be wrong? Should I see my GP?

God its all stress. I never had any of this with my daughter as I fell pregnant by accident with her.

I must add im 32 in a few days so am starting to worry about my age.


QuietNinjaTardis Sun 28-Oct-12 08:42:38

Very similar. Ttc number 2 and I'm on cd34. I tested on weds too and got bfn. I'm gonna test again tomoro and if its neg then ill know my periods just gone AWOL (my periods haven't been regular though they have been all over the shop since coming off pill)
The only hope I can give you is when I conceived ds I tested on cd32 and got bfn and when I tested on cd34 I got bfp. So I'd say test again and see what result you get.good luck x

QuietNinjaTardis Sun 28-Oct-12 08:44:47

Oh and I had a 38 day cycle a couple if months ago and I'm pretty sure it was cos I was stressing so if you are getting stressed then try to relax cos it will to help!

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