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Fireworks, bonfires and long winters' eves will herald the Rat Smacketeers' BFPs this month and we are Brooking No Argument!

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Shrieklette Sat 27-Oct-12 11:32:53

<Covers up with a warm winter cloak, stokes the fire and pours large mugs of hot chocolate with little marshmallows for all>

Welcome to our new humble abode for the next six weeks or so, Brookers!

Here's hoping this fred will be as lucky as sparks' and scarlett's grin

SpookySparkle Mon 29-Oct-12 09:18:58

Keep I told my mum yesterday, and then explained that I was going through a bit of a hot flush/cold chill phase, there was a suggestion that maybe it wasnt pregnancy it was in fact menopause hmm

Solars I'm glad AF has kept you waiting round for too long. When will you decide what to do next?

Solars Mon 29-Oct-12 09:51:50

Was mummySparkes at least excited Sparkes? I think we'll decide once we've had our review with the clinic in a couple of weeks. We need to decide whether we stay with that clinic or go to another? If we should do anything about the cyst? If there are any other tests we should do? In the meantime DH is very keen to try naturally but I just feel I need a couple of months not trying full stop.

I'm holding down AF with me for as long as possible girls, so she's not coming anywhere near you all!

SpookySparkle Mon 29-Oct-12 10:00:29

Solars so many decisions to make!! I guess a couple of weeks with no pressure would do you the world of good too.

mummysparks was over the moon excited for us, she cried and cried and cried!! She has known what we've been going through for a while so for us to turn round and tell her that we dont have to go for any more test etc was just absolute relief for her. She had trouble conceiving, so she knows what its like.

Solars Mon 29-Oct-12 10:09:39

That is so lovely Sparkes I'm so excited for you!

CupcakesAndCocktails Mon 29-Oct-12 10:52:18

Aww Sparks that is so nice. I often daydream about telling family and close friends that we are finally pregnant as well as daydreaming about decorating the nursery, having a bump, buying all the baby stuff I'm not crazy honest grin

Solars it's good that AF is here & you can close the door on this cycle. I get what your saying about not trying for a bit. I know I must be close to the middle of my cycle & we did have SFF a few days ago. Last night I thought we probably should DTD if we want a chance this month. Then I thought I can't be bothered & went to sleep instead smile
I think it's awful that you only get 1 nhs cycle. I passionately believe that this should be available on the NHS. I understand that they have to draw the line somewhere but they should at least fund the 3 cycles that NICE recommend

Keep I'm so jealous of 37 degrees! Tbh I do love winter, I love wrapping up and I absolutely love Christmas. However I think I'm feeling the effect of not having a real holiday abroad this year. Sounds like you and mummykeep are having a fab time.
PS the law of boob says you are diffed!

Beedle hope you are having a lovely time with your parents. How long are they visiting for? I'm brooking that you & Keep will deliver BFP presents for the graduates.

Imps hope you are well. Come back to us, I'm missing imps fingers!

Maybe we went to see the bond film last night & was randomly thinking of you. Am I right in thinking MrMaybe works for the underground? There was a lot of scenes on the tube.

I've rung & made my appointment at St Mary's, the first available is 17th December. I've also spoken to my GP's secretary, she says they have not received any info that the referral has been accepted yet. DH and I have decided to view it as a second opinion & nothing else as we don't want to get our hopes up.

Hello to Shriek, Sweetie, Boo, Face and Scarlett

GenericDietCola Mon 29-Oct-12 11:36:58

Hello all, lovely new thread. I smell lots of BFPs coming soon!

Solars so sorry nasty AF has arrived, but I'm glad you see it as an opportunity to move on and have a couple of months time out. I think that's a great idea - TTC gets really draining in the long term.

Cups great news re your referral your second opinion appointment! Good idea not to get your hopes too high, but either way, you are in the system now and things are going to get moving and I'll brook no argument.

Keep I am still excited to hear your news in a few days. The law of boobs is never wrong.

Hello to everyone else - hope you are still brooking away.

TrickorTreatSweetie Mon 29-Oct-12 19:57:19

Sorry I have missed all the new thread action, been struck down with the dreaded lurgie sickness & squits just to add insult to injury the worst AF decended too on CD36, don't know how you ladies with long cycles cope. I seem to be getting a bit better and managed some real food this evening. Am shattered though as no one has told the pup that the clocks have changed so she was crying to go out at 5.45 this morning, gggrrrrrrrr.

Solars you just take it easy and take your time deciding what to do next. Give yourself some space to think and decide what you really want. Are you going anywhere nice on your week off?

Cup that appointment sounds like great news, even if it is just for a consultation at least things moving in the right direction. Do you have a file? You must get a file it is the law to keep everything together and start making notes and questions. My mind went completely blank at our first appointment. Am well jel of you going to the new Bond movie too, I am dying to see it too - so is it good?

Keep if Imps were here she would be telling you the Law of Boob never lies and is always right. Good to here the mummykeep is keeping you nice and busy.

Sparks what did mummysparks have to say about the news?

We have our failed cycle review on Wednesday with the consultant in theory anyway I am not really expecting much to be honest. We intend getting a second opinion at another clinic regardless, but not until the new year. I think it was Scarlett that said it is nice just to be enjoying ourselves and not thinking every waking minute about TTC, what cycle day we are on and if we should be SWIing or not.

<waves to all PSEPP and grads popping in>

keepitgoing Tue 30-Oct-12 02:30:50

sparks that is so lovely you telling your mum. I had the opposite the other day - my mum also had trouble conceiving, and i think this is bringing it all back for her, so she was crying the other day, which was a bit hard for me. But at the same time i do love that she actually understands what we're going through.

well, i think the law of boob is just a bit early. I mean, obviously i am pg, as we all are, but i've started spotting this morning bang on cue for me (AF due thrus/fri). So i think my pregnancy might have got a bif longer. <sigh> One more natural month before IUI. And of course i'll have af when we go off travelling this weekend. grrr.

sweetie good luck for your review yesterday. i hope you get some answers that will be helpful for your decision-making going forward.

cup yay for getting the appointment in before christmas. plus that gives you time for your ironic bfp.

BeedleTheBard Tue 30-Oct-12 19:31:02

biscuits & Jen sorry you won't be getting a birthday BFP from me. AF arrived on Sun giving me a rather shocking 22 day cycle this month.

keep sorry that AF seems to be making an appearance with you too, but have a lovely weekend with your mum. I finally told my mum we're having tests which should stop the helpful hints like "I read in the paper you should be having sex 3 times a week if you want to get pregnant" (if only we'd thought about that hmm )

cup we went to see Bond at the weekend too, did you enjoy it? DP kept trying to cover my eyes whenever Daniel Craig was semi-naked grin

sweetie sorry that AF is making herself unwelcome, hope the appointment is some use tomorrow.

Waves to all the lurkers

keepitgoing Wed 31-Oct-12 03:39:36

beedle that's a short cycle, what's normal for you? Is your LP ok? Mine was shorter than normal too this month, 27 days. Previous shortest 28, and average 30. Our bodies just keep us guessing, don't they. How was your mum? I really think it is helpful to be honest. We are going to have some issues if/when we get to next Feb/March, as DH's mum is coming out to stay, and he doesn't really want to tell her all about it. So I'm not sure how we can arrange her visit around the uncertainties of treatment. So am brooking that we won't have to due to imminent BFP.

I'm so tired of it all. So blooming TIRED. I would love not to think about it for several months, really, but I can't bring myself to take time off for fear it could be 'the month'. And i couldn't not think about it unless using contraception, so think i'm stuck.

I hate having to tell DH the bad news. Hate it.

SpookySparkle Wed 31-Oct-12 08:08:57

Beedle thats a very very short cycle, is it defs AF? Just a thought?

Keep How are you faring? brooking that AF is staying away permenantly!!!!

keepitgoing Wed 31-Oct-12 08:19:17

thanks, sparks, but she's found me. sad

true enough, beedle, and enexpectedly early?? BROOKING for you. Where are you with tests etc.?

CupcakesAndCocktails Wed 31-Oct-12 09:26:07

Beedle and Keep am so sorry that AF caught up with you both. Beedle how long is your cycle normally? I tend to have a few random short & long cycles every few months which gives me something else to obsess over. Well done on telling your mum. I told mine quite early on when we naively thought it would happen easily. We have only just recently told DMIL as we could not take anymore comments/speculation.

I find it so emotionally draining telling anyone what we are going through. A temporary colleague yesterday asked me in front of everyone if I didn't want children. I nearly started crying and excused myself without answering. I wish people would mind their own business.

Keep I'm sorry you are feeling so low about it all at the moment. I truly understand your frustration. This is such a difficult journey, I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I also really hate telling my DH, I know it's stupid but I feel like I'm somehow responsible every time I get AF. It's near impossible to forget about ttc I know. I'm feeling more relaxed about it lately. I think that's because I have lost hope that it will happen naturally. Now I feel I've no chance of a BFP until we start IVF. I'm not recommending this approach as it sounds so gloomy smile however maybe it would help to consider next month as the last month you will have to wait before getting the treatment you need for your BFP?

I'm thinking of you both & brooking for ironic BFPs for all us brookers.

Sweetie hope your cycle review goes ok & that you get some good guidance on where to go from here. I do not have a file yet am so disorganised but I will get one together before our appointment in December.

Biscuits Bond was great, I love a good action flick. I haven't been to the cinema in ages so it was nice to do something different.

TrickorTreatSweetie Wed 31-Oct-12 10:21:17

Cup glad you are getting your file sorted wink mine is now bursting at the seams I have that much stuff in it.

Beedle that seems a remarkably short cycle, did you mention this at your consultation? Hope it helps sharing with your DM, it is hard but I think it helps if people close know although my DM questions more now than she did before thinking she is helping

Keep chin up my dear, it is tough this ttc lark, but remember there is your rat out there just waiting to get smacked. Telling DH is difficult, I don't even bother anymore I just leave the box of tampax on the side in the bathroom and he knows not to ask, I know your DH is away so not able to see the hints from that far away.

I was questioned repeatedly on my first outing with my girlfriends following our IVF cycle as to when we were going to have kids. This wasn't by my close friends, more acquaintances, to the point I broke down in tears and the whole sorry tale came out leaving everyone feeling really bad including me. They weren't to know the timing was so bad, and because they knew I was now married and the natural progression is kids. But it is so unbelievably rude to ask those sort of questions, although I am sure I have been guilty of the same in my pre ttc days.

I was pop back after our appointment to let you all know what was said. Please don't be holding your breath as I am sure it will be underwhelming.

Onwards and upward Brookers

BeedleTheBard Wed 31-Oct-12 11:43:08

I think I Ov'd quite early last month CD9 so I wasn't really surprised at the 22 day cycle, but I usually manage 24/25 days. And it was actually slightly heavier than usual so it was definately AF not implantation bleeding!

sweetie I also often don't bother to tell DP that AF is here, I think he gets more upset about it than I do - probably because it comes as a shock as he doesn't think about ttc everyday.

cups My mum knew were trying as I also naively announced it when we started, but now she knows we're having tests it should hopefully stop the "helpful" hints.

keep I'm waiting for DP to JIAJ again, hopefully in a few weeks time, then we'll have another appointment with the Dr to get all the results, and then presumably start/wait for IVF. I'm not sure what teh waiting time is like here. For those of you that have got that far when did you tell work about it?

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 31-Oct-12 12:53:34

Happy Halloween ladies smile

I am so sorry AF has got so many of you, but that is it now, she is done for 2012, I will not tolerate her visiting any of you again. I brook no argument for you!!!!

Now, get your files in order, and don't ever feel bad about your unwelcome visitor, it is not your fault, it's hers!!

I have more good news, Mr boo has a job grin he starts in 2 weeks smile finally getting him out of the house

Shrieklette Wed 31-Oct-12 18:56:37

<takes a seat in full witches' regalia, spider webs over all mirrors and pumpkins at every turn - but not a sweet or balloon in the house, they have all been snaffled despit the atrocious weather>

Happy Samhain ladies, or Hallowe'en if you prefer <cackles>

Damn AF beedle and sweetie and all other she has got. She is evil, evil I tell you, but boo has her under wraps and she will not be let out again.

beedle I am so jealous of your 22 day cycle. I'm approaching that now and have no hope of ovulating in the next 14 days.

boo <huge hugs> that is amazing news about MrBoo, I am so so so pleased for you, that is brilliant news. I am sure you will be glad to have the hosue back to yourself again xx

sparks how are you feeling now lovely, hope the sickness is just strong enough to be reassuring. We must have another coffee soon preferably without me running the wrath of b'ham ticket collectors, not having been able to buy my ticket in advance

Happy birthday to the forthcoming birthday girls, wishing you a brook-load of BFPs (sadly not mine as it will be far too soon to confirm...)

How is everyone else's Hallowe'en going?

Shrieklette Wed 31-Oct-12 19:33:19

<pretends she isn't really dropping in on a spider's thread, and will be gone in flash>

PrincessPumpkinshoutsBOO Wed 31-Oct-12 21:41:00

There is news from Far over on the other thread smile

keepitgoing Thu 01-Nov-12 02:37:44

great news for far! What a brooker.

come on, geek's ovaries. Pop an egg out, will you? geek, how about synching up with me or beedle on this next cycle, though you've already been on it a while let's all ovulate in 12 days time and get a triple whammy. Deal?

boo congrats on mrboo's job - great timing what with the little one coming and all. hope you're feeling well now you're a bit further along in pg.

cup i just wanted to say thank you for your post thanks it really did help. I thought i was feeling better and just waiting for treatment, but then AF came and i wobbled. I suppose as IUI doesn't have all that great a success rate i'm trying not to get my hopes up, but at the same time we feel it's worth a try for 3-4 months.

sweetie so sorry to hear of your night out with the girls. I wish people could be more considerate. of course, they didn't know, but i agree with you that it's rude either way - you're likely either trying, or you're not trying and may not want children. and from acquaintances too?!

beedle i told a few people in the early days too, thinking it wouldn't take long stupid Kind of wish i hadn't now, but at the same time i'm quite an honest person and i do want issues with conceiving to be more talked about. so though i don't want to talk about the details to most people, i'm happy that my good friends will have figured out that there's an issue, and will be sensitive. Good luck with your upcoming tests. btw i think you're right about men not thinking about ttc every day, though i don't know how they can not. for me it's either AF, wondering about whether i'm oving, or thinking about symptoms and whether i can consider testing yet (i never do as never get past my standard LP...)

i'm much better today, thank you for all your support and my brooking towel is now no longer on the floor but waving freely.

BeedleTheBard Thu 01-Nov-12 05:32:47

shriek sorry about the long cycles, it does seem a bit rude that my body will have popped out another egg before you've managed one. Not that having more chances to get pregnant has done me any good of course hmm

keep yes, you, me and geek will all be diffed this month, and I'll brook no argument grin

boo well done mrboo, it must be such a relief for you both

I'm guessing that far has had her baby, yippeee (will now pop over to the other thread to check! )

SpookySparkle Thu 01-Nov-12 06:42:44

shriek gah @ your long cycle!! I remember our convo the last time we met up, I think I was moaning about 35 dayer and you were miffed because yours was like a billion days longer than that!!! I know yiu've probably tried everything but do you take agnus castus? I started taking that any my cycles dropped right down!!!!

I still feel gross, it's not abated at all, I'm lucky if I get through the day at the moment with only 3 or 4 vomming sessions!!! And I can only eat a bowl of food at a time!!! But if I don't eat when I'm hungry then I get all faint and pathetic!!!

keepitgoing Thu 01-Nov-12 07:52:53

sparks sorry that you're feeling rubbish. Though i guess it's feeling rubbish for a good reason so that must make it easier. (or maybe that's just naive. I read something about people who've got pg with difficulty or through IVF are more prone to depression in pg and after, because they feel guilty for not feeling grateful the whole time, and feeling crappy) Hope mrsparks is taking good care of you - he's a good 'un, so i expect he is doing a good job.

SpookySparkle Thu 01-Nov-12 08:16:35

thanks keep absolutely knowing why I'm feeling so rubbish certainly does help. but then sometimes I have a "grrr I hate it" moment and then the guilty does envitably come!! But Im trying not to moan about it... much!! mrsparks is an absolute star, whenever he hears my being sick he comes in to check on, and he is doing all the house work and stuff cus I have zero energy especially once I have been to work!!

cartoonface Thu 01-Nov-12 12:34:26

Hi all
did u miss me, not sure how long ive been gone, feels ages! must be cos u've moved house!
sparks have i missed something?
keep how are u? dp's gone now right?
good news on the job front boo
am a very bad lazy brooker and have only skimmed through hope ive not missed anything too important.
id been feeling miserable and not in the brooking spirit as well as busying myself with wedding stuff so i figured id stay away for a bit. dont think ive lasted long haha

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