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BFP but but worried as still faint. is 11/12 dpo implantation too late??

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workingonitagain Fri 26-Oct-12 20:47:22

hi everyone

wondering if anyone can help

have regular 30-31 day cycle (ovulated on day 19)
so in the morning of 12dpo i had a tiny bit of spotting started off with pink then went brown (which i never get before af)
on 13 dpo there was no more spotting but was still getting af kind of cramps so i did a test with an internet cheapy and it was a very faint positive i did a couple more yesterday and there were both faint but positive.
did one first thing this morning and the line seemed a bit stronger but then i did another one around 10 am and it was almost invisible. i know that the morning urine has more concentrated hcg but i would have thought the by today the second line would have been stronger.
i got my bfp with both 1st and 2nd child around this time but never had spotting before so don't know when implantation took place

im worried as the spotting tells me that implantation must have happened either 11dpo or 12 dpo and from what i've read it's a bit late and there is a bigger risk of miscarriage
or could it be that it wasn't implantation bleed, it was just an early pregnancy spotting??
has anyone had experience of implantation bleed that late (11/12dpo)?

thanks for ur help

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 28-Oct-12 08:35:36

Sounds like its just the result of testing in the early side. I got the faintest of BFPs at 12dpo and they gradually got stronger but it depends on time of day/differences in tests etc. I didn't have implantation spotting but if its stopped, all you can do is tell yourself that you are currently getting positive tests and therefore you are pregnant smile hopefully it'll all settle down for you.

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