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Fat and forty and trying again. Come and hold my hand!

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nocluenoclueatall Fri 26-Oct-12 10:20:36

Title says it all really. I'm overweight (have eating ishooos, trying to sort them out but it's slow progress unfortunately) and past my reproductive prime, but I desperately want another baby (already have a wonderful DC, 3).

I've had two miscarriages in the last year and took a bit of a break from thinking about this over the summer, but have been trying again for the last few months... If TTC meant peeing on sticks and taking folic acid I'd be knocked up good and proper, but DTD is more problematic what with being absolutely knackered and having the sex drive of an elderly sloth.

Anyone else in the same boat? I feel a bit foolish for posting this really blush

MunchinMango Fri 26-Oct-12 17:47:29

Hiya noclue. Don't feel foolish at all. I know how you feel. Defo need to loose some weight, am 40 and feel I've left it too late. Sorry to hear about your mcs but know how you feel as had mmc earlier this year. I agree the whole ttc takes any fun out of dtd couple that with busy lives and always tired. Where are you now in your cycle?

nocluenoclueatall Fri 26-Oct-12 19:54:35

Ah thanks for replying Munchin, I thought I was going to be all alone there for a minute.

I am so sorry to hear you had a MMC too. They're just like a normal miscarriage, but even crueller, if that's possible. I'm now on day 22 with my cycle. Not much shagging this month but we did manage it once when the CBFM said I was ovulating so maybe, just maybe... I'm driving myself mad thinking about whether my boobs are sore or not.. you know, the usual.

How are you? Where are you at? Have you been trying long?

MunchinMango Fri 26-Oct-12 21:33:07

Hiya noclue, all mc are horrible but I agree with a mmc it's the added shock factor being told bad news at scan when you think everything is ok. I came off pill a year there in Aug, had one af the next month and then didnt get another for 4 mths but got pg sometime after that. I had my erpc in April, then proceeded to bleed/spot on and off for 7 weeks. It took til aug to get my first af (was slowly going around the twist at that point) that af lasted on/off 2 weeks. Then I got what I think was af 35 days later but it was very light and lasted barely 3days. And now I am still waiting for af, I think I'm on cd . I gave up on opk's for this cycle as it would cost a fortune. I started temping instead ( just wanted to feel I was doing something) I did get a +opk on cd12, but obviously didn't Ov as no af. Did poas around cd28 etc and lots of bfns, so not pg. but since last Sunday I have had very sore boobs and mild dull af type aches. I poas on tues just in case but bfn. So here I am in limbo again!!! I feel maybe biological clock has nearly run out as I'm 40 fast heading for 41. Oh sorry for the long woeful story. What about you ?

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