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Help me decide when to TTC #2!!!

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wetnoodle Fri 26-Oct-12 09:01:47

I know it's random to ask a bunch of strangers when I should try for DC2 but I can't decide.

DS is 2 and DH and I are ready for another. Plan was to start trying next summer but I think I'd like to start now. Problem is we have a holiday planned in March and assuming I get pg in Dec I'll be about 12 wks when we go. I had HORRENDOUS MS last time and don't know if I could cope in SE Asia for 3 weeks feeling like death. I would feel like I'm ruining everyone else's holiday if I'm bedridden, tired, etc.

Alternatively, we'd wait until June/July (I don't want to risk a Dec-Feb baby as I have bouts of depression and I get really low in winter.)
This would mean at least 3.6 yr gap between DC and I feel like that's a bit too much (3 yrs my ideal).

Final consideration is that all my friends are now pg with DC2's.

My gut (and DH) wants to go for it but my head keeps reminding me how ill I was for 9 months and how awful the first 4 were.


lorisparkle Fri 26-Oct-12 11:01:57

I have friends with all different length gaps and they all have their pros and cons. The benefit of the slightly longer gap is that your DS will be at preschool so you can really focus on DC2 and they are slightly older so much more independent and able to cope with a baby. As the gap gets older the relationship between DC is different but there is a 4 year gap between DS1 and DS3 and although they don't play in the same way as DS2 and DS3 they still have a lovely relationship. DS1 is fantastic at caring for DS3 and giving him horsey rides etc whilst DS2 and DS3 get into mischief together!

I would think about your health and well being now and then whatever the gap you will make it work!

wetnoodle Fri 26-Oct-12 13:57:56

Thanks, I think you're right. I did love the early days when DS and I could cuddle on the sofa all day and the gap means that I'll get that one on one with the LO

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