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The femmes fatales of the BESH are lying back and thinking of England

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evilgiraffe Wed 24-Oct-12 18:14:36

As witches and pumpkins become old hat, the BESH are scrubbing up well in salute to James Bond in general and Skyfall in particular. Put on your slinky cocktail dresses and stiletto heels, grab a Martini, and start schmoozing with well-dressed secret agents.

Insta-diffs will be shot with a quip but without a qualm. Anyone else wanting to join can dodge a few bullets post the BESHtionnaire.

<climbs into a shiny Aston Martin driven by an unfeasibly gorgeous young man and zooms away into the sunset>

MissWinklyParadiso Wed 21-Nov-12 14:55:21

I knew what thread that was going to be before I clicked your link. Some people are so un-bloody-grateful. They've won a baybee and have someone to spend time with during maternity leave and instead they're acting like an X Factor contestant who's been told another act is singing the same song first angry

MissWinklyParadiso Wed 21-Nov-12 14:58:37

This one pissed me off as well. Just enjoy your lovely baby and stop being such a princess.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Wed 21-Nov-12 14:59:04


Do they really care about this shit? How about I post, "I have been TTC for nearly three years and this Christmas I will have to be jolly around not only my pregnant SIL, but also my pregnant sister, at the same time as having started IUI and knowing there is a 90% chance that will fail. Just sayin."

evilgiraffe Wed 21-Nov-12 15:09:49

Do it, rie. Sometimes PFBers need an injection of perspective.

EuroShagmore Wed 21-Nov-12 15:31:23

Go for it rie.

alwyn Wed 21-Nov-12 17:08:37

Do it rie

SinkyGoodenplenty Wed 21-Nov-12 17:30:17

Dooooo it.

<channeling evil rie>

MissWinklyParadiso Wed 21-Nov-12 17:35:28

rie your response was polite and tactful. I am disappointed!

alwyn Wed 21-Nov-12 19:48:09

Am depressed today. Had good feedback on lesson observation from Monday, so only one more observation to go (in 2 weeks).

Just been looking for jobs to start from January and there isn't much about. We can cope until about March without me finding something, but after that we're going to struggle. I'm just not confident that I'll find something that I can stick at for a good few years to get my CV back into the zone. Sorry for being miz, just feeling a bit down today.

FrankelDeBeauvoir Wed 21-Nov-12 21:51:41

Oh alwyn, sorry you are feeling blue. It might just be that no one is bothering to advertise before Christmas and that there will be a rush of them in January.

EuroShagmore Wed 21-Nov-12 23:22:28

Sorry to hear that alwyn, but the good feedback is positive at least, even if you are leaving. And I am sure you will find something. March is aaaaaaaaaaaages away.

Well, I'm knackered! I've done my pre-holiday scuba refresher course this evening. It took eons to get home (with freezing cold wet hair) because the tube was banjaxed. But I can remember most of the scuba schizzle now, so hopefully there will be no plummeting and ear drum bursting.

Northey Thu 22-Nov-12 06:36:27

al, I remember the scarcity of jobs things well. Ugh. I don't know which geographical area you are looking in, but for me in the end I had to give in and return to London. Might that be an (unideal) option for you?

Scuba, MissShagmore? I hope you had full black tie on beneath your wetsuit...

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Thu 22-Nov-12 09:07:00

Diving scares me to death. Stupid in my line of work, but there you go. Something about the asthma-y sound of an indrawn breath makes my heart gallop with fear. I can do most things water related but not that.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 22-Nov-12 09:14:05

I was put off when I tried in on a freezing cold (August) day in the English sea. I couldn't remember the breathing right and ended up having a panic attack, yup, under the sea! Somehow I ended up with a huge gash on my chin, maybe due to a flipper? I have been again since in Faliraki (a tad warmer!) but don't think it's something I'll ever take up.

EuroShagmore Thu 22-Nov-12 11:24:47

I suspect I looked less than Bond girl like, tbh. I spent most of it terrified that I would leak despite the super plus tampon as it was my heaviest day and we were in the pool for two hours. But all was well. Phew.

I am a complete water baby. As a kid I spent all holiday in the pool or the sea. And then as a teenager, I took up swimming and got reasonably good at it (but unfortunately started too late to ever get competitive-level good) and always love to scuba/snorkel on holidays. It is so quiet and calm underwater, gliding along with the pretty fishes. Whenever I am upset about something my first instinct is to get in the shower or bath. I just love the water!

I am a fair-weather scuba-er though, faif. There is no way you would catch me in a chilly English sea! I've dived in Egypt, Cuba and the Maldives before. In the Maldives before we saw loads of cool stuff, including sea turtles. Where we are going this time is famous for whale sharks and I really, really want to see one! <fish spotter>

BugsyGalore Thu 22-Nov-12 13:11:02


CBFM what does this mean? We dtd on Tuesday evening and this morning. GP is out on the lash tonight but i will rape jump him again tomorrow morning and Saturday morning.

<prays to baby jesus for a sticky baybee>

EuroShagmore Thu 22-Nov-12 13:39:04


Please run around making chicken noises!

MissWinklyParadiso Thu 22-Nov-12 13:49:48

Woo smile Good shagging to you bugs!

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Thu 22-Nov-12 14:41:04

Generally you get three bars and an egg two days running, Bugger. Keeeeeeeep shagging.

I used to anyway, after three days of two bars. I stopped after a while cos I realisedi wad still not getting diffed and it was costing a fortune!

alwyn Thu 22-Nov-12 14:52:53

rie in my head you said "Keep shagging" in a Tess Daly voice grin

But yes bugs, get on it!

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Thu 22-Nov-12 15:23:37

I know, that was the idea! grin

MissWinklyParadiso Thu 22-Nov-12 15:39:56

grin me too

And I needed a smile as I am deep in the throes of pmt

KatAndKit Thu 22-Nov-12 16:37:16

I am just lurking here to see what is news and haven't read back yet.

But YAY for the three bars and an egg!! If you sechsed this morning then you have hit the best possible time smile And extras early in the week is a bonus. Insurance shag tomorrow and then rest and wait smile All fingers crossed.

I have a shed load of ov sticks free to a good home if you want to pm me. I believe these things have some sort of expiration date and I can't ttc again for another 11 months. Would be a shame to have them languish in a drawer. They are part of the lucky package that I was using when I got a sticky win. so obviously magic piss sticks.

ArielThePiraticalMermaid Thu 22-Nov-12 16:39:29

oh oh! Are they CBFM stix?

Bonjour Kat, comment ca va?

I have a New Coat. I am in love with it. AND I found it for £90 off. I never ever ever ever spend this much on anything, but I have. I guess it's only 80 bottles of wine or so which I won't be drinking.

KatAndKit Thu 22-Nov-12 16:50:21

comme ci comme ca. vomming baybee this week and sick myself but on mend now. busying myself planning my wedding which is very exciting although my mother seems to want to stick her beak into every aspect.

not cbfm stix. just cheapo piss sticks that mean you can test morning and evening if you like. and line them up to compare the lines etc.

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