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inplantation cramping?

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LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 24-Oct-12 06:21:19

Think I was fertile thurs-sat, dtd sat and all night I've been experiencing dull period like cramps. Is it too early for implantation cramping?

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 24-Oct-12 06:22:07

Wed night/thurs morning.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 24-Oct-12 09:14:52

Hmm think I may have miscalculated, looks like I'm ovulation now hence the cramps, never mind......we're officially ttc in dec so looks like I'll have to wait another 2 months before I can start the excitement of ttc.

Onemoreforgoodmeasure Wed 24-Oct-12 09:18:39

ok, fwiw I felt it and it was a pinch like feeling.

LoveYouForeverMyBaby Wed 24-Oct-12 11:31:30

Mine atm feel like dull cramps on and off...damn nevermind only 2 months til we can ttc properly. Thank you for your response.

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