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Wanting to ttc but worried about job?

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TigerseyeMum Tue 23-Oct-12 17:06:54

Hi ladies! I used to post here as we were ttc for 2 years with no luck, then moved house, got engaged, got married all in a rush and by that time my endo had relapsed so I am back on the pill again.

I want to start ttc in January as that will mean I can be on the pill for 6 months which may be enough to suppress the endo again.

But it occurred to me that as an NHS worker I have just been taken off a permanent contract for a 1 year temp contract while I do further training with a view to being given a permanent post next September when the funding comes in (which I am assured it will). But it occurred to me that if a miracle hapPens I could be giving birth around September just as I qualify and they are recruiting - do you think I could be at risk of being overloOked and losing my job??? After all, who would recruit a woman about to go on maternity leave??? On the other hand the temp contract was made to look a formality with a view to continuing when I qualify. In fact I don't yet have a contract and signed nothing - perhaps I should keep quiet?!!!

Any ideas? I am almost 40 and we ttc for 2 years previously do I don't want to put it off much longer.

I notice a few old faces from before, hi ladies! Xxx

Thinkingof4 Tue 23-Oct-12 19:02:30

Hi tigerseye
I think if I were you I would go for it now. You would still get mat pay and I think they would be foolish to not follow through on a promised post because of pregnancy, you have good protection from stuff like that in nhs.
Plus (not meaning to be cheeky) but at 40 you might not have that much time left and I'm sure you'd regret a potential lost career opportunity less than you'd regret putting it off and then finding it's too late for you.
Good luck with your decision

mrsconfuseddotcom Tue 23-Oct-12 19:06:06

I say, go for it. At 40, you are running out of time. Can you find a permanent job in the meantime?

I'm 41 and have been trying without success. Have actually given up now.

Best of luck!

TigerseyeMum Tue 23-Oct-12 20:00:45

Thanks for replying. I have agreed with my OH to start trying in January but I have few hopes of conceiving having had little luck before.

As they intend to take on 12 staff including the few of us they are paying to do the training they would look highly suspicious if they rejected me as I have worked for them for 3 years as a permanent already.

And if they did and I had a baby, well que sera sera!

I daren't really hope to get pregnant anyway - my training is highly demanding so any chance of extra-curriculars are diminish

TigerseyeMum Tue 23-Oct-12 20:03:21

Sorry for shite typing, my Phone is a bit temperamental....

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