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Spotting before period.

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cheeseyfeet Mon 22-Oct-12 22:41:26

I track my periods on an App and its due in 5 days time however yesterday and today ive been spotting. Not enough to be a normal period but enough to be noticeable.
My first thoughts were about implantation bleeding but thinking back on the last time we had sex it wouldn't add up surely? Im crap at all this conception stuff despite having 2 children already. They were both planned and fell straight away.
The last time we had sex would have been a few days before my last period which was 6th Sept. That period was normal. (yes I know we dont do it very often! blush )

Anyone knowledgable about to put my mind at rest. Dont really think I could be pregnant but once that seed is in my head it niggles away at me!

Tabbytiger Tue 23-Oct-12 10:06:21

If you've had a period since the last time you had sex, you are almost certainly not pregnant, especially if it was a normal one. there are cases where women don't realise they are pregnant because they continue to have a monthly bleed anyway but that's really really unsual!!

However, if the last time you had sex was before 6th September, you could always do a test to confirm you're not. It would definitely show up by now if you were!!

Probably just random spotting. Sometimes happends to me before my period, sometimes doesn't. Do you want to be pregnant?

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