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TTC 6 weeks after mmc

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Bunny888 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:07:09


i am new here, TTC at the moment, had ERPC on the 12th Sep (mmc at 5 - 6weeks), bled for a few days and then spotted almost for 3 weeks, then at 5 and a half weeks later i got my first AF. It seem quite normal lasted about 5 days, couple of days after that, me and DH tried, it is our first intimatecy after the operation, and about 12 hrs later i started bleeding, its light but enough for me to wear a pad (sorry TMI), is this something to worry about? or is it left over AF (been told i got tilted uterus not sure if it contributed to the problem)? never happened before the mmc..

Am desperately want to get pregnant as i feel time is running out for me, i am 36yrs old... Doctor said i can try after 1 AF. but now not sure as i am still bleeding... is it safe to continue trying as i think i'll be ovulating soon (I hope)..

Been thinking of seeing doctor anyway but like to hear if anyone have the same experiences?

SundaySunshine Mon 22-Oct-12 14:37:07

Sorry to hear of your loss OP. Not really sure of an answer really but didn't want to read and run. I can only speak from my own experience: had a mc and ERPC in early July, had intermittent bleeding for rest of month, not sure if it was left over from ERPC or an AF, or maybe both. Then didn't get another AF till very end of Aug. Basically I was all over the place, and I do think it takes a while to settle down. From reading good ol' MN though you don't have to wait for your AF to sort itself out, the drs only say that to help with dating. So if you feel that you are ready, then I would just go for it. Buy some pregnancy tests from ebay/amazon, you can get a batch for under £10, then you won't spend a fortune testing every day (or is that just me!).

Its a horrible horrible thing, but sadly, all too common. Good luck and don't loose heart.

BTW I've just found out that I'm pregnant again, and the babe should be due on my 40th Birthday! (FX), at 36 you're a spring chicken smile

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