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35 and TTC - how much folic acid?

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sheeplikessleep Mon 22-Oct-12 11:38:26

Hi - so we are about to TTC (yay!) for our third and final child. For the past month, I've been taking 400 of folic acid. However, I'm wondering whether I need to take more now I'm 35 and a half? Anyone any ideas? Should I book a Dr appointment to ask?


eurowitch Mon 22-Oct-12 11:40:54

I'm 36 and just taking the usual amount (400). The only people I know taking higher doses have the MTHR mutation which affects folic acid levels.

sheeplikessleep Mon 22-Oct-12 11:50:58

Thanks Euro.

LollopingLil Mon 22-Oct-12 11:54:47

Just stick with the usual amount.

Do supplement with vit D though - it's so easy to be deficient and awareness of how important it is for healthy foetal development is exploding at the moment. I know there's at least one MNer (thumbwitch?) who was prescribed mega doses to help her conceive. I take 1000iu a day in D3 form.

sheeplikessleep Mon 22-Oct-12 12:10:30

Ooh interesting Lolloping.
Does vitamin D build up over time? Should I be taking it straightaway? I guess I'm thinking if it takes months, should I just wait until I get BFP (fingers crossed).

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