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Damaged Fallopian Tude IUD

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Cbell Mon 22-Oct-12 06:58:58

What is your experience of conceiving with one Fallopian tube?

After having my DD (21 months) I was advised that I have a coil fitted as part of my contraceptive plan.

The end result of this has been pretty awful. I had the IUD inserted about 19 months ago. At some point during this period the coil moved and was no longer effective and I ended up pregnant. At the point of deciding that we were committed to having another child, I had a miscarriage.

Scans and a hysteroscopy (telescope in the womb) couldn't locate the coil so I had a laparoscopy (key hole surgery). They found the IUD entagled with one of my Fallopian tubes.

So now I only have one tube. I'm angry because my fertility was fine. I got pregnant with my DD in four months an have no idea what to expect now. Has my fertility been reduced my 50%? What does this mean in time taken to conceive?

I'd be grateful if you could share your knowledge and experience

highlove Mon 22-Oct-12 08:25:16

Hi Cbell, I'm not surprised you are angry, it feels very unfair. I too had IUD problems and very much felt I wasn't advised of the risks until it was too late. But hopefully I can give you some reassurance that only having one tube definitely does not reduce your chances by 50%. From all I've read (which is bloody loads!) if you have no other fertility problems then although it is likely it may take a little bit longer for you, over a year or so it balances out so your chance of conceiving is more or less the same as if you had both tubes.

Also, the tubes aren't actually attached to the ovaries and there is some evidence that the remaining tube overcompensates and can move to pick up an egg from an ovary on the other side. I think experts have mixed views on that but a google of boards like this will find you loads of anecdotal tales of people who know for sure that they got pg with an egg from the ovary on the side they don't have a tube.

Good luck..

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