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TTC after cerazette and depo injection

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JDMB Sun 21-Oct-12 10:28:47


I'm new to all this so please forgive me as I don't know all the lingo!!

I was on cerazette for 2 years, then went onto depo Injection for 2 years had a 4 month break from everything (using condoms) and have been back on cerazette for about 7 months. Sounds like a bit of a cocktail I know!

Got married in June and came off cerazette 14th September, had a three day period (if you can call it that was more like a withdrawal bleed) 2.5 weeks later.

After nearly three weeks I'm awaiting another AF ( or secretly not in the hope I'm pregnant!) just wondered if anyone had the same situation as me and what your experiences were- so many bad I'm scared to read them!! Thank u!! grin

SarryB Mon 22-Oct-12 10:07:31

I took cerazette for about 5 years, and got a BFP quite quickly! I had three periods, and then fell pregnant.

Good luck smile

JDMB Mon 22-Oct-12 17:52:17

Thank you that makes me feel better!!

So many horror stories!!

smile xx

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