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going mad!

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lisa2104 Fri 19-Oct-12 08:47:27

Please help me. I am 19 weeks pregnant. My last period was on 6/6 and I did a test on 14/7 that said I was 2-3 weeks gone. I had a scan on 30/8 that said I was 12 weeks and 1 day. Me and my fiance had sex most dat from 23/6-30/6 . I went out on 6/7 and got very drunk. I had a conversation with my boss in a side corridor of a bar but there would have been people coming and going. I think we had an argument and I may have said something flirty to him. But he called me a taxi and threw me in it. The problem is I keep worrying that I could've had sex with my boss and got pregnant by him or the taxi driver who took me home and I don't remember. I'm going out of my mind with worry and so scared I won't know who my baby's dad is as I have no idea who the taxi driver was. I can't eat or sleep I'm not bonding with my bump and my fiancé is finding if hard because I'm crying and worrying about this day and night. I feel like killing myself. This started because I have irregular periods and was checking to see if the scan could be a bit out but it has spiralled out of control. Help me!

keepitgoing Fri 19-Oct-12 08:54:07

You must have got pregnant towards the end of June, going on your dates, so I wouldn't worry about that. The scan fits with the date of your last period and your pregnancy test.

But why would you think that you had sex and couldn't remember it? If you do think that then you should get checked out for STDs.

lisa2104 Fri 19-Oct-12 09:25:05

Hi keepitgoing. Deep down I dont believe I did. I am just picking the worst thing and going round and round in circles. For a second next day I wondered if I had because I knew something embarrassing had happened but I didnt feel like I had. I have a bit of a history of getting drunk and being flirty but never done anything more than a kiss and that was years ago. im just really scared the love of my life will find out it's not his and leave me but as it is I am pushing him away from me and his baby and ruining what should be an amazing time for him and I hate myself even more for that.

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