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Peak every month on cbfm but day 21 bloods say no OV - help

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Gurraun Thu 18-Oct-12 17:42:38

Been ttc no2 for 6 months. Used cbfm for 3 and get a peak each time but not much cm. About 9 dpo I start to spot. Having ruled out obvious causes I asked for my bloods to be run because from my research (and good advice on here) I was concerned I may have low progesterone. I got the day 21 result to day and progesterone is 14.5 so GP says I have NOT ovulated. I queried this as not what cbfm thinks and asked if it could be that my progesterone level does not rise after ovulation hence no implantation and spotting (early shedding). GP said no, cbfm is wrong, don't use it just relax (arghhhh) have lots of sex and get day 21 bloods repeated in Nov and Dec and if same result they will refer to fertility unit and presumably prescribe clomid.

Does this sound right to people who have gone through it???? I feel the whole progesterone issue was just completely ignored and am feeling very gutted. Also at 35 am worried about early menopause :-(

rabbitonthemoon Thu 18-Oct-12 17:54:01

oh poor you, test results can feel so poo. It is so annoying isn't it when you have one tool telling you you are oving and another test saying no. Was it def 7 days after ov when you had the bloods? I had one that was borderline but I knew full well that day 21 was not actually 7 days after ov for me, it was only 4. Sure enough after 7 days I got a much better result.

I too get spotting but it varies from month to month, sometimes none, sometimes a fair few days and if you rummage around on MN there is a thread all about spotting with lots of success stories on there. I'm yet to be convinced it is a problem, my mum had it and here I am.

So, repeat the test when you think is the right day and go from there. Doctors mean well by the 'relax' crap and not using sticks but actually i find I much rather know where I'm at in my cycle. I also temp? Have you tried that? Temps always show me that I have ov - but who knows what really goes on inside there.

I am 35. It is a bugger for making you feel older than you actually are. Lots of company on the 10plus thread (which was previously the 6 months plus thread so you would still be welcome!) if you need a bit of support. Tis early days though and your body has done you proud before. Good luck.

homeaway Thu 18-Oct-12 19:31:17

The cfm only detects a surge and it does not mean that you have ovulated. Once it detects a surge it goes into automatic mode giving another peak day and then a high day. You could start charting which would give you more information as your temperature is normally low before ovulation and rises after ovulation. If you fancy reading toni weshler has written a book called taking charge of your fertility and it is a mine of information. She also has created a website forum which has lots of info on it this is the link HTH

Needalifeagain Thu 18-Oct-12 19:37:45

I had the same after trying for 9 months for dc2. 21 day Tests were borderline. Decided to take doctors advice, relaxed, put away monitor and 1 month later I'm now 6 wks pregnant.
Fingers crossed or you.

GiantUnderCrackers Thu 18-Oct-12 20:37:16

I am through the process of going through this again. It took 2 years to conceive dd, we are trying for #2...but the blood tests were being done on the wrong day so wouldn't have detected me ovulating. Admittedly I had months where I didn't but, I would check your cycles, are they regular, are the days correct? Don't give up yet!!! Get referred to a clinic who usually are more in tune with all things fertility than a GP. My experience only - we were just about to start assisted conception and I fell pregnant naturally!

rabbitonthemoon Thu 18-Oct-12 20:41:25

Giant you give me hope! Good luck this time.

GiantUnderCrackers Thu 18-Oct-12 20:55:10

Oh and I forgot to say I was 36 when I had dd, and will be 38 soon so don't put too much emphasis on worrying about age! I have also been recommended taking an additional Vitamin D supplement (good for cell growth) and acupuncture.. xx

Gurraun Fri 19-Oct-12 06:32:57

Thank you all so much. The timing of the test was 8dpo according to cbfm.....I'm still a bit flummoxed about what happens to the egg if you get the lh surge but don't OV.

Oh well have ordered the book homeaway recommended and a bbt thermometer and chart so i can know if I OV next month and be clearer on next month's results and then if necessary get referred :-(

Mostly I just need to calm down as driving dh bonkers so no2 could be academic anyway if I'm not careful!!

Good luck to everyone else with your own ttc efforts

Pipbin Sat 20-Oct-12 18:20:58

I suggest temping, that way you can see if the temp rise correlates with the CBFM.
I have had a false positive from the CBFM before. It told me I have OVd about a week before I actually did. I know when I OVd because I temped and, ultimately, when my period came.

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