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Those waiting to ttc... (slightly pointless thread)

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LoveYouForeverMyBaby Mon 15-Oct-12 17:58:10

We're ttc #2 in dec and I know it's a really silly thing to get excited about, but just started taking folic acid and feeling very excited about it!

Sorry for the pointless thread.

Sorelip Mon 24-Dec-12 17:34:05

Hi all, just a flying visit. I won't be TTCing for a while, at least until I've had the results of my colposcopy and had any necessary treatment, and that won't be for a few months,

Merry Christmas everyone!

dollydaydream26 Mon 24-Dec-12 18:49:21

Hi everyone just wanted to wish you all a very merry christmas and what could possibly be for some of us our last one child free blush
I have been to a crib service for children this afternoon with my niece which we go to every year made me feel so broody thinking perhaps next year I maybe pregnant or have a little tiny one ! I am a paediatric nurse and have wangled christmas off this year so enjoying it as much as possible ! Putting my feet up now watching xmas films . Hope you are all having a lovely christmas xx dollyxx

winterpansy Mon 24-Dec-12 21:23:32

Hey everyone,
]Just popped on to say Happy Christmas to you all. I hope the next year brings BPFs for every single one of us and there will be lots more little people and bumps this time next year.
Have a great day grin

literaryone Tue 25-Dec-12 06:59:34

Kate, I'm so sorry to hear that news. Hoping you and your family have a blessed and peaceful Christmas together, despite the sorrow.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

Waiting2wait2wait Tue 25-Dec-12 20:37:42

Thunder & Kate (I have tried to put that in bold but am not sure it has worked!) - thank you. It does make a big difference to have that.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hopefully 2013 will be full of good news for all of us!

I realised I was waffling on about DH being deployed in July 14. Wrong year, we could hopefully manage to fit a baby in by then! I mean July next year, 13, so waiting to ttc in Nov 13. Soon to be 'this year' which is nice to think!

I hope you have had a peaceful and happy day.

BaublesandTree Wed 26-Dec-12 21:53:15

Merry Christmas everyone! grin Now I haven't got the build up to Christmas to keep me occupied I'm probably going to get baby obsessed! Had a lovely cuddle with an 11 week old niece. she still smells soapy smile Not long until I join the Really TTC threads and hopefully have my own little bundle by this time next year. Hope you are all enjoying the festivities!

AnnoyedAtWork Thu 27-Dec-12 17:28:30

Hi guys not been on here in a while, merry Christmas to you all!

DP and I are waiting till we can afford to have a baby - we already have my DD age 7 - this magic date is not until sep 2015 confused - however we have had such a lovely Xmas with DD and she was saying "oh but I'm already going to be seven years older than the baby" and we explained about work (both ft) and money but she was just so cute! DP and I have been talking about it more too and technically could ttc in sep 2014 as wouldn't need to pay for childcare till after mat leave (will only be 3mos for me as need full pay)

So that is only 18m away which makes me feel a bit better! Now I'm not too worried about getting married first as I know we will eventually when we have the money to burn

Also we have really grown in our relationship, feel I've become more mature and nicer person with it, of course we both have faults but communication is now excellent and I am very very happy - he is fab stepdad and also contributes at least 50% to housework & does all cooking & all morning school runs and reading what I have read on here in relationships section can't believe how lucky I am! grin

Hope everybody trying gets their bfps soon and everybody waiting like me is managing their broodiness!

DuddlePuck Fri 28-Dec-12 15:35:54

Ooh, ooh, can I be on a list too?!

DH and I have agreed to start TTC this year. I have another 4 months of my pill left, so am using that as my deadline grin roll on the end of April!

New Year's resolutions - to keep on top of the husband housework and get healthy Especially DH. Someone put on here about sperm taking 3 months to make, so will be using that one to get him to ditch the kebabs sooner rather than later wink.

Erm, so aside from that and a bumper tub of frolic (love the freudian autocorrect!) acid - any other tips?

Very excited and looking forwards to a lot of SWI, BFPs and other preggie-related abbreviations in 2013.

amiready Sat 29-Dec-12 10:41:56

Looks like I'd better be ready because - I'm PREGNANT!! Can't believe it!

BridgetandtheHairyBaubles Sat 29-Dec-12 11:39:31

Congratulations amiready - what lovely news to end 2012. Wishing you a happy, healthy and uneventful 40 weeks x

Sunshine2013Hopefully Sat 29-Dec-12 20:55:21

Hey all I've been AWOL recently preparing for Christmas! Hope yous all had a lovely festive period!

I am soooo excited for you! This was ur first month trying wasn't it, that was super quick!!
Can u give us TTCers some advice on how to get pregnant quickly?

I am now on CD1 on my first month trying to conceive! Eeeek!
All other January TTCers are yous moving over to the slightly pointless ones TTC now thread?

amiready Sat 29-Dec-12 21:23:55

Thanks so much guys. Neither of us can believe it really. We actually only dtd unprotected twice as were supposed to be waiting. Kind of feel as though I can't get excited yet? Just keep reading all the mc threads - not good I know. I don't really have any advice - although I'm pretty sure by chance we dtd the morning and I had ovulation pain in the evening and apparently that's the best fertile time. I was disconcerted I had no symptoms - so don't be fooled by that! Was kind of having an 'I've given up' glass of wine at Christmas to flout destiny! Only two though luckily. DH feels somewhat disappointed as he has missed out on all the 'trying'! He says his bit is now over and he didn't get a chance to give his swimmers a pep talk! Very excited but not going to tell anyone in RL for another 2-3 weeks and just going to try and forget about things until we are past the worst of the 'danger phase'. Good luck ladies.

Leafmould Sat 29-Dec-12 23:08:50

Wow, am I ready that's fantastic news, congratulations! I am sure SWI is great, but if things go well, things can be quite good during pregnancy too!

Hi bridget nice to see you are lurking! Hope you had a lovely Xmas, and things are going well for you.
duddlepuck hello!and waiting to wait hello too. I will put you in the list when I update it.

kate so sorry to hear about your FIL. It sounds like he put loads into his family, and I hope that the spirit in which he did that will continue.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Xmas! It has been nice here at the leafy house. Lots of rellys visiting.

Have enjoyed spending the days with my girls. . . The school week is always so busy.

Great that this thread already has 2 bfp's ! That's fantastic for a waiting thread!

Back soon. X

thundernlightning Sun 30-Dec-12 00:59:22

amiready congratulations! What great news!

winterpansy Sun 30-Dec-12 12:41:51

Ah!! Congrats amiready!
Brilliant news. We've a great start to the thread with 2 BFPs before 2012 is out.
Here is wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Now, go eat some cake. You deserve it grin

BaublesandTree Sun 30-Dec-12 17:29:37

Congratulations amiready! That's great news - lovely to have some bfps before the year is out. How are you feeling at the moment?
I'll be hopping over to the TTC thread from the 10th I'll need some level headed company though otherwise I'll start poas everyday from the 20th.. could get pricey. I'm feeling nauseous today, just a bug I assume, but it does remind me of morning sickness. I'm wondering how I'll cope entertaining a toddler and dragging myself in to work.. for 6- 10 weeks or longer..

Sorelip Sun 30-Dec-12 20:03:31

Congratulations amiready that's wonderful smile

Kate I hope your FIL is doing ok.

My colposcopy results still haven't arrived, grrr! I just want to get any treatment over with so we can start TTCing. However, we DTD unprotected a couple of times, so who knows, it may be the same story this time as with last pregnancy - totally wrong time, BANG! upduffed. Quite a large part of me hopes that this is the case blush

SeriousStuff Mon 31-Dec-12 11:14:19

amiready that's wonderful news, congratulations!

It must have been back in October that I joined this group with a view to start TTC in Jan and it's been a great help as an outlet for pre TTC obsessing (and advice of course). Can't believe it's Jan tomorrow and our TTC can begin in earnest! I'm off to find the TTC thread now...eek!

Best of luck to everyone else embarking on TTC from tomorrow onwards! I hope 2013 is a good year for us all!

SeriousStuff Wed 02-Jan-13 23:57:15

I definitely spoke to soon. Caught the norovirus yesterday. Best contraception ever.

Happy new year to you all!

KateBeckett Thu 03-Jan-13 12:24:09

amiready congratulations, that is lovely news x

Good luck to all of those who are starting their ttc journey this month x

DFil died last night. DP is devastated. We were told yesterday that they were stopping treatment, but didn't expect this so soon. I will probably not be around much in the next few days as we are heading over to dmil's far a little while. Xx

KateBeckett Thu 03-Jan-13 12:24:55

Forgot to say - thank you for all the well wishes xx

Tigerstripes Thu 03-Jan-13 22:41:56

After not wanting to have children at all, to being completely unsure, to having a bit of a re-think, to now tonight definitely deciding that we will! DH and I have now decided to start ttc in December this year - so just under a year from now.

We think this is right for us as we have a big holiday booked this summer, DH does not at the moment have a permanent job and we need to pay off debts.

But can't leave it too much longer as I am 32 in April. So, big decision made!

Those who are waiting to ttc their first, is anyone else worried about the decision? You all seem to be so excited and, although we've decided, I am still terrified and unsure if I'll be a good mum. Don't like small children, like my sleep and my free time. My parents should never have been parents so have no good frame of reference. Am a secondary teacher so do like kids, just big ones!

LabourGirl Thu 03-Jan-13 23:29:38

We are talking about whether to try for no.2 later this year but I am 36 in May so obviously share some concerns that it may not be as easy this time. I have started taking vit supplements and want to lose weight too in case. I will have to take the higher dose of folic acid so will need to make a decision soon.

Mythreeknights Fri 04-Jan-13 16:45:32

Congratulations amiready that's amazing news! Wishing everyone a bonkbuster of a year and lots of BFPs to come :-) xxx

BourbonsandTea Fri 04-Jan-13 17:38:09

I'm so sorry to hear about your DFil Kate we're here if you need to talk.

Serious I hope you feel better very soon.

Welcome DuddlePuck Tigerstripes and LabourGirl or have some of you been here before? Sorry, I lose track smile. Duddle, tips for waiting to TTC according to this thread - thou shall get obsessed with pre-conception prep including scouring film titles for baby names, choosing maternity clothes and obsessing about potential due dates.. oh wait that's just me. Apart from the Folic Acid I'm not sure what other, more sensible, things you need to do before trying. <not very helpful, sorry!>
Tiger I will be trying for no.2 but still really worried I'm not going to be a good mum! I think it's a feeling that never goes away but very few people know how to be a parent until they are one. You just have to take in all the advice you are given then use what suits you best. In terms of sleep you quickly learn to go to bed earlier, sleep when baby sleeps and nap when others can hold the baby for a while. Also it doesn't last long. Annoying little children aren't so bad when they are your own smile
Labour how old is your no.1?

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