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TTC, period 3 days late, BFN - what do I do now?

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worriedmum100 Sun 14-Oct-12 18:33:10

I know the answer is I just have to wait. But it's soooooo frustrating.

I am never late. Cycles bang on 31 days since I came off the pill 6 months ago. Today is day 34 and nothing. I had some period like cramps two days ago but nothing appeared. I feel very nauseaous (but this has been a feature of the second half of my cycle since coming off the pill) and dizzy. Funny taste in mouth but all the tests say no (CBD, FR and Tesco own brand so far...).

I'm worried there is something wrong with me. I seemed to have EWCM twice this cycle, once in the 'middle' and again nearer the end. The middle lot was heavily tinged with brown blood. I conceived DS within a couple of months (he's now 18m) but also had an early mc where I had an internal scan and the technician mentioned I had "large" ovaries. I went on to have DS but can't stop thinking about that now or about the fact that I might have been "damaged by my EMCS. I'm going crazy aren't I?

So, I guess my question is - what is the latest anyone has had a BFP after thier period was due? Or am I clutching at straws...sad

ShowOfBloodyStumps Sun 14-Oct-12 18:39:03

In the kindest possible way, you need to calm down. You are either pregnant and it's too early to show up, or you're late for some reason. Most likely you ovulated late or just didn't ovulate this month. It's normal to have an anovulatory cycle here and there.

You're right, you just need to wait for a few days.

You weren't damaged by your emcs. Promise.

worriedmum100 Sun 14-Oct-12 19:25:10

Thanks for replying show.

I know I'm overreacting but this just seems like the worst of all worlds! I usually ovulate quite late - day 20 or so. It's silly I know but you start imagining all sorts about the fact that that "area" has been messed about with by people with sharp implements in a bit of a hurry. The mid cycle bleeding bothers me as I've never had it before.

I guess if bfns continue and no.period appears I should just go to gp and get checked out?

ShowOfBloodyStumps Sun 14-Oct-12 19:40:54

I do understand your worry, I completely understand it. I have had two emcs and I think it's probably normal to worry a little bit about the effects it might have. But put it this way, cs are very common indeed, how many people do you know who have had complications affecting fertility? Particularly complications which they know nothing about? It's rare. Try and reassure yourself of this.

It's also pretty normal to feel quite anxious about ttc second time round. You know exactly what's at stake. It's the same being pregnant for a second time. You worry a lot more because you know how much it means iyswim.

Occasionally being late is normal. As I said delayed ovulation or not ovulating at all are the usual culprits. Sometimes because you've been ill or had a stressful time, sometimes just because. Sometimes you're pregnant and it's just not showing yet due to it taking a while to implant and for the hcg to be there.

The brown bleeding mid cycle?. You are right about taking note of it because it hasn't happened before. But again it can just happen once and then never happen again. It can happen for lots of simple reasons. Your hormones might actually still be a bit up in the air after coming off the pill, it can be implantation too. Some women do bleed during ovulation. I had a cervical erosion for a while and it was sensitive and so when aggravated would bleed slightly. After sex for example at the time of ovulation as my cervix- as it is supposed to- lowers during ovulation to pick up sperm and is more likely to take a direct hit iyswim grin.

Give it a while. I think (through having had friends go through it) if you go to the GP they won't do anything at all for several weeks in fact. They will adopt a wait and see approach, maybe taking bloods to check for pregnancy in the meantime. If your period doesn't turn up and they're sure you aren't pregnant, there are drugs to restart your cycle but that's not something you should even be concerned about right now.

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