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Anyone struggling TTC#2? I am and feeling lonely...

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iloveberries Sun 14-Oct-12 16:05:55

DS conceived naturally and easily 2.5 years ago.

Been TTC#2 15 months. Had an ectopic month 6 so lost baby and a tube. Been TTC since and nothing. Due date from EP is around now and i am feeling pretty hopeless as i can feel another AF on it's way.

I am the only person i know with one child (not by choice) and i am finding it hard.

So lucky to have DS though. he is my shining star in all of this.

Is anyone else in a similar boat?

suziez Sun 14-Oct-12 16:46:02

Hi you lost a baby, you may need to speak with a friend, mother, grief counsellor, it is an aniversary of a death. You will feel better, this will pass. you have a son which is great, but you are mourning for the baby you lost. It is normal to feel like sh**.

babyjamesblackberrycrumble Sun 14-Oct-12 20:53:59

Hi Berries
I'm hearing you. I also have a DS age 2:7 and have been trying for #2 a while now. Had 2 miscarriages, one this month and one last. It really does get me down. There is a lovely thread called TTC after recent Miscarriage. I have found a lot of supportive ladies there and you are welcome to join us.

iloveberries Tue 16-Oct-12 21:45:48

Hi babyjames - thanks for replying. I may pop onto your thread. I have been on a few now and everyone always seems to get pregnant which is great for them but just leaves me feeling like more of a freak. maybe I will bring you good luck on the thread though!!

It just feels so crap when another af arrives... I came on today and i am just so over it all.

Suz - my mum and dh have been my rocks. My friends have been spectacularly useless ( big cause of upset for me). I can talk to dh and mum but it is always the same conversation and they just tell me to keep trying and it will happen.....

Baby - how long have you been ttc#2? Did ds come along easily?

resipsa Tue 16-Oct-12 22:09:27

Hi all. Seen a couple of you around before. I like the idea of this thread, particularly today as it should have been my due date sad. No one knows and DH doesn't seem too bothered (but he's just had an op on his knee and is on crutches so is distracted!). Was secretly hoping this month would be the month but in true style, AF showed up yesterday.
Had DD in Jan 11 and was ecstatic to go back to work in Feb 12 and within a week discover I was pregnant again. Ecstasy didn't last long and had ERPC in March. Been trying without success since May and have just turned 42 so feel time might have run out. Anticipating that all of my friends with kids of DD's age will be pregnant again soon (if not already) and don't know how I will cope. One of them just announced she's 14 weeks with DC3; first month of trying, too envy.
For me, this is worse than trying for DD (12 months) as then I had no real idea what I was missing and could go for weeks without having to do anything child specific. These days, the mums, babies and bumps are everywhere, every day.

McBobby Tue 16-Oct-12 23:08:01

Hi, I agree maybe some support would help. Although, I also know how supportive this environment can be.

I conceived DS after 3 AFs. Now trying for 2 but cycle has returned in spectacular fashion. 23 day cycle. Last AF lasted ten days so I ovulate somewhere in the middle of my AF. Not conducive to TTC. I am also getting on a bit (39).

Can't imagine how some of you must feel when I'm this frustrated already!


mumbags Thu 25-Oct-12 11:29:03

We're in the same boat sad been trying for not quite as long (8 months) and all my little boy's friends are expecting baby brothers and sisters. It's impossible to think about much else! Is anyone else using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor?

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