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Anyone tried Duo Fertility??

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Polka2 Fri 12-Oct-12 10:21:05

Just wondered if there were any ladies trying or have had success with DF?

I'm dreading the impending route of IVF following 4 yrs of ttc and 1 mmc and my acupuncturist recommended DF but I was hoping for some feedback from users?!

akuabadoll Fri 12-Oct-12 10:30:35


I take it you are 'unexplained'? If you understand your cycles and know how to chart, I'm not sure it could do much for you. There are plenty of old threads discussing Duo, here's a recent one to get you started:

Good luck

Polka2 Fri 12-Oct-12 11:24:50

Thanks aku that's really helpful. Yes I have unexplained fertility but do have pcos but sm lucky that I have a prett regular 30 day cycle.

My acupuncturist recommended it as two ladies he was treating both got pg within six months if using it as it detected other helpful things, not just when to swi, like that one lady was having a chemical pg each cycle so then the docs medicated for that and she has had a successful pg.

Just fearful of the price tag preying on my desperation!

akuabadoll Fri 12-Oct-12 11:37:43

Indeed, I hate that thought too. And it's quite a price tag. Anyway the chemical pg issue you mention is interesting. An 'advanced search' will pull up some other threads.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 12-Oct-12 17:13:05

Avoid DF; won't likely be helpful in your circumstances.

I would not call your unexplained if you have PCOS (who diagnosed you with this and when?). It is probable that you are not ovulating regularly even though your cycles are regular in nature.

Are you actually under the care of a gynaecologist?. I only ask as you only mention seeing an acupuncturist.

BTW IVF is not always recommended for those women who have PCOS due to a risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. it should only be tried when all other treatment avenues have been exhausted.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 12-Oct-12 17:15:22

What treatments have been tried re PCOS?.

Irishmammybread Fri 12-Oct-12 18:34:12

Hi, I'm using a Duofertility monitor and was partly attracted by the fact that I was offered a guarantee that if I wasn't pregnant in 12 months I would be entitled to a full refund.
My history is this; aged 44,have three dc, 19,13 and 8, had an unplanned(we thought we were past it !) but very welcome pregnancy this year that sadly ended in miscarriage at 11 weeks. We were devastated and even though it wouldn't replace the little one we lost we were keen to ttc again,feeling there was definitely room for another member in the family.
I contacted Duofertility, they gave me lots of impartial advice including the suggestion of doing an AMH test to check ovarian reserve.This came back as low but good for my age so we decided to try again. I thought the monitor would increase my chances and there was nothing to lose if there was a money back guarantee so ordered one and when it arrived after my first AF post MC started using it.
As my temp remained consistently high for the first 3 weeks the fertility team contacted me to do a test which was positive, I had actually conceived already before starting to use it. I sadly miscarried again at 6 weeks but was told the guarantee would still be honoured if we tried again as I was preg when I started to use it.
The monitor indicated I ovulated 14 days after my early MC started, I conceived again. The team contacted me to suggest doing a test when temps remained high. Despite a scan at 7 weeks and another at 8 weeks showing strong heart beat and good development I lost this one at 12 weeks(though growth had stopped at 8w6d).
The guarantee is obviously now invalid but I thought I might as well keep using the monitor in case we try again and to see if my cycle is back to normal. From the data I know that post miscarriage I ovulated on d 23, my luteal phase was 12 days, without the monitor I would have no idea what my body was doing, so I am finding it useful. It is now suggesting I will ovulate on d 14 again but I think that is just assumed from past history, last cycle it adjusted with the temp rise at d 23.
So basically, it is useful to let you know what's going on but it is retrospective as the temp rise is actually after ovulation. It's also very useful as a conception indicator as you know the dates you must have conceived so when pregnant you can be very accurate .I also find the fact that you can phone or email the fertility team for advice on any aspect of ttc useful, it's a good support. I think if you phoned they would advise you as to whether the product would be useful in your circumstances, but just be aware that the guarantee only applies to actually getting pregnant which sadly doesn't always equate to having a baby.

Polka2 Fri 12-Oct-12 18:50:29

Wow great info ladies and irishmammy my heart goes out to you for your losses.

I'm 36yrs old and was diagnosed with pcos at 23yrs. I've been actively ttc for over 4yrs with lap and dye, and hystycopy and clinic (which was a waste as I ov anyhow and I over strimmed on 50 mg), my pcos is quite low grade apparently, I've normal bmi and do ovulate every month so hence my gynae confirmed 'unexplained' infertility, I was due to start my IVF drugs the cycle I found out I was pg at the beginning of the year and following a heart breaking mmc of twins at my 12 week scan after a good scan at 6 weeks I really don't think I can face IVF hence the thought of duo fertility could help and think they must be pretty confident with their guarantee ... Tricky one! wink

Beyourselfalways Fri 12-Oct-12 19:04:47

Hi Polka, ironically I was just about to put my Duofertility monitor on EBay. I had unexplained fertility and tried many routes when my acupuncturist also recommended it. I got pregnant using it after 3 months after 3.5 years of trying. I certainly don't want to do any sales pitch on an item which touches on such a sensitive topic but if you were thinking of perhaps trying to find one second hand (given its eye watering first hand price!) then PM me.

iloveberries Sat 13-Oct-12 08:09:09

I started the last thread about whether to get one.... Still think it would be good but put off by the price, and also the 'pressure' element as after 15 months of TRYING (a bfp and ectopic in the middle)I am finally more relaxed about it.

be yourself congratulations on your bfp. I didn't know you could use them second hand. Do you still get the phone support? How many days does it give you as 'swi days' and how far in advance does it tell you? Thanks!

Irishmammybread Sat 13-Oct-12 15:37:01

Hi berries, nice to bump into you again!
The monitor gives you 5 swi days with about a week's notice, if you are availing of the money back guarantee you are supposed to dtd at least twice within the suggested days.
When I started using my monitor it suggested the fertile period making the assumption I would ovulate on d 14,I suppose until you build up a history on the monitor it uses data you've input about normal cycle length. .
When I started using the monitor again after my last miscarriage it seemed to suggest I might ovulate d14 but when I didn't it readjusted after I had a temp hike up at d23 so the band of green days appeared later on the chart.
The difficult thing is the fact that it is retrospective, it suggests when your "green" days may be but only actually confirms it once it's decided you've actually ovulated.
This cycle it's suggesting the 5 days around d 14 again so I'm waiting to see if my body decides to go back to normal and actually ovulate then!

Polka2 Mon 15-Oct-12 19:25:19

beyourself I've pm'd you but don't know if you replied as I don't know where a pm goes??? Sorry major blondewink

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