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Fantastic 40+ Thread - Part Eight.

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goldengirl71 Thu 11-Oct-12 21:51:58

"Come on ovaries! Let's get this party started, yeah?"

123littlepigs Fri 12-Oct-12 22:39:35

Wow!!! Major congrats to Tina.... Major hope for us

123littlepigs Fri 12-Oct-12 22:45:51

Question to anyone still awake.... Is there always an implantation dip on a pregnant chart or can one be pregnant without this visual indicator.

Maybe a question for Tina... grin

Irishmammybread Fri 12-Oct-12 23:04:18

Hi 123, no there isn't always an implantation dip on a pregnancy chart,when I was pregnant my temps just remained consistently high after ovulation.
Also you can have a triphasic chart without being pregnant!
Are you on FertilityFriend? There are lots of sample charts you can look at and info about implanation dips etc.

goldengirl71 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:04:21

Diege!, banana fritters are the Antichrist. That is all. Oh, except to say I have never been partial to a Cadbury's Caramel (too same-y after the first two chunks) but I am feeling your pain regarding messing with the dynamics of well-established chocolate bars. What the feck are they playing at with peppermint Aeros? I'm sat here troughing through a bag of treacle toffee [unhappy cavities emoticon]

Goth, sorry you're suffering with AF. Here...have a treacle toffee [pats Goth's head]

123, do not get sucked into the myth of implantation dips. Some women absolutely do see a huge drop in temp during their luteal phase and they turn out to be pregnant. Other pregnant women do not see a dip smile

goldengirl71 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:05:51

Crossed posts with you, Irish. I can second what you said about triphasic charts not always indicating pregnancy! sad

goldengirl71 Fri 12-Oct-12 23:07:46 fact, I will never again trust my temperature charts unless the dots spell out 'YOU ARE F**KING PREGNANT NOW STOP BOTHERING THOSE NICE LADIES ON THE OVER-40 THREAD'.

123littlepigs Fri 12-Oct-12 23:15:44

Arrhh... Brill. Still hope for me then! Will test Sunday and let you lades know, but not holding my breath to be honest x

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 00:32:20

Fingers crossed 123...why don't you feel lucky this month?

Diege Sat 13-Oct-12 09:27:44

What do you mean about peppermint aeros golden??? shock. What have they done to them!!!
I can also concur that implantation dips, triphasic charts, pre-ov dips can also mean absolultely nothing. When I have been pregnant my temps have of course satyed high (albeit with dips below cover line weeks after bfp). Oddly the times I've mc, I've had implantation spotting (never with a successful pregnancy, though doubt that means anything). One odd (and slightly linked to the lit thing) is that if I appear to implant late (after 10dpo) this has sadly not resulted in a successful pregnancy.
YOu know, I am actually starting to feel broody again but no way dh would go there!

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:27:02

I have a huge throbbing boil on the very outer edge of my anus. That is all.

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:34:35

Diege! Nestlé should be done for sarilege, I swear: the individual pieces of their peppermint Aeros (standard bar) are now little demi-orbs of shitness. Harrumph!!

When you say you suspect you have sometimes implantated after 10DPO, how have you known? Has there been a 'dip' or have you only had a late BFP? I am asking because after my mmc I did wonder why I only registered a BFP on 13DPO. I would love to get a BFP on, say, 9DPO. I wonder whether, though, early BFPs belong only to those lucky women with shorter luteal phases?

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:34:57

*Implantated? Really?

hopefulgum Sat 13-Oct-12 11:35:28

Tina - so happy to come home and hear your news. I really was expecting to see a BFP on the thread - could feel it in my waters...grinSo pleased for you.

Golden, I am so sorry the witch found you but really excited about the clomid and hope it does the trick.

I can't write much, DH is unpacking the car and I must help and also get some dinner for the kids.

We had a superb holiday. Feel very happy and relaxed(and fatter - ate and drank all week lone - was heavenly), and revitalised.

Can't ask for better than that.The weather was perfect - we swam and snorkelled daily.

will catch up more tomorrow, must dash...Love to all.

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:35:54

Diege, I have been meaning to tell you for quite some time now but do want another baby wink shock

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 11:38:48

Gum! So glad you're back and you've had a fabulous time - it does sound heavenly x

Diege Sat 13-Oct-12 13:38:03

Hello Gum!!! Great to hear you had such a lovely time and had a chance to unwind. You've been missed!
Golden, do you mean the bag of balls aeros have replaced the proper bars? shock or that the bar segments have taken on a spherical appearance (a la Cadbury's Caramel). What are they playing at!!! Do they think we don't notice?
On the baby front for me I don't think dh is for turning. He is looking forward to the day that ds2 starts school (next sept) so that our huge nursery fee is reduced a little...Having said that, I did apply for a new job yesterday that pays an extra 10 grand a year on what I'm getting now, so will bide my time... wink
Love to all xxx

goldengirl71 Sat 13-Oct-12 16:45:20

Diege, re Aeros it is the latter. I do not know what they are playing at. Next thing you know they'll be leaving the walnut off the top of the Whip shock

hopefulgum Sun 14-Oct-12 00:14:03

Morning all.

Deige - good luck with the job. 10 grand extra is a huge amount, and could certainly pave the way for an extra babydeige.

Dh and I have put our land onto the market again, fingers crossed that it sells so we can get out of the financial merde(spelling?) we are in.On the surface we look like we have a fabulous lifestyle - holidays,living close to the beach in lovely suburb,nice house we built 12 years ago,nice Euro car etc...but we pretty well own none of it,and have survived on equity. Soon the bank is going to cotton on to our champagne lifestyle on a beer budget and ask for it all back!hmmIf we could sell our block of land we'd be able to better finance our lifestyle. And then the blow of having another baby wouldn't hit my DH so hard. I'm lucky to have Government subsidised childcare (nursery) so the fees aren't too bad. I pay $147 a week (four full days) (that's about 94 pounds).

Despite my decision to not ttc this month because in about 9 months time we are flying out to Lombok, it seems I have accidentally had sex during my fertile window.wink I am hoping that we'll have a little souvenir from our holiday. I had a positive opk yesterday, the usual ovulation pain and good timing, so it remains to be seen. If it screws up the holiday plans, I'll endeavor to change the booking - I think it is probably doable, and I'll worry about it if I do get a bfp and make it past 12 weeks...

Golden - do you feel any different taking the clomid? Did the consultant talk about any side effects? Did s/he say anything about clomid for older women? Did you have to have any tests done? I'm sorry, but I haven't had a chance to read the rest of the old thread.

123littlepigs - hello, I don't know if we'd met earlier? Anyway, about implantation dip - I did have one with my son's pregnancy, at 5 DPO, which many people would say is too early for implantation. I got a + at 9 DPO, so maybe it was an early implantation. I haven't had implantation dips on the other 3 pregnancies I have had since (unfortunately miscarried). Last miscarriage I actually had a tiny bit of spotting at 10 DPO, the day I got a bfp, and really wasn't expecting it(the bfp). Golden, I'm not sure about your theory about short luteal phases and early BFP's. I seem to get bfp's 9 and 10 dpo, but my luteal phase ranges from 11 to 15 days with an average of 13 days(that's according to fertility friend).I remember reading that the luteal phase will never vary, only the days up to ovulation, but I know after charting for 5 years that that is bollocks(at least for me).It can and does vary,and people have been known to lengthen their LP with vitB6 or progesterone.

Well, it is back to reality for me. I still have to unpack and do the laundry, but it is bucketing down (so glad we had the good weather all week at Rotto), so I don't know how I'll get everything dry.I really hate using the dryer,and only do if it is absolutely essential. DH back to work tomorrow, then me and the kids back on Tuesday.sadAt least this school term is only 9 and a half weeks, then it is our long summer break.
By then we'll all be happily up the duffgrinRight?
All I want for Christmas is a viable pregnancy.

AngelGeorgie Sun 14-Oct-12 00:30:50

Hi all; huge congrats Tina xxx
Sparkly I m doing ok thanks 1 day at a time. Very up & down celebrating my 2 girls within 8 days of each other is a rollercoaster of emotions ... Hope u re ok?
Hi Diege, Gum & FF xxx
Hi to everyone else xxxx
Gosh FF your lo has a tooth already??? Phebs has been teething for 4/5 months & still not 1 tooth!!!! Think she ll wake up at 18 with a full set of gnashers!!!! Hope you re doing ok? Yes, the last year has certainly flown by .... !!!!! Xxxxc
Love to all xxxxx

wylie05 Sun 14-Oct-12 05:36:05

Hello, would you mind if I join you? I have been lurking for a very long time but have been too shy to post! I am 44 and have DD aged 8. I had a mc in Jan 08 and tried all that year to conceive again without success. It was a horrible and sad time. I gave up in then, partly because my job is one that has things you can't do if you are pregnant and I was in a permanent state of "what if " every month to find I had stressed for 2 weeks for nothing! I am British but now living south of Perth as my husband is working at the mines in Western Australia for a while. I thought I would try again. I have been reading the fertility friend website and have started my chart and folic acid. Feeling bit more positive now even though I'm older.

hopefulgum Sun 14-Oct-12 08:23:48

Hello wylie - I'm also south of Perth - amazing!

So sorry about your miscarriage. I'm glad you are feeling positive. I hope you conceive soon.It is a hard road isn't it, but you'll find huge support here.

Angelgeorgie, lovely to hear from you. It must be a really rough time for you, celebrating your darling girls. Big hugs(()).

goldengirl71 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:49:20

Wylie, hello and welcome to the thread thanks I'm sorry about your miscarriage, have you been secretly trying to conceive since then? Have you been referred to a gynae consultant and had a scan, blood tests etc? It's good news that you're charting; it's an education. I'm 41 with no children but I fell pregnant within two months of trying in January but had a mmc in March. Since then I haven't had a whiff of pregnancy so I've had all the tests and DP's sperm checked and this week the consulatant gave me Clomid. I'm thrilled because it's becoming more and more clear to me that even when we do ovulate our eggs are mainly shit. I really believe that. And I do not want to wait years in the hope of a 'golden egg'.

Gum, try reading the last thread as I can't remember everything I said. However, I did ask the consultant about Clomid thinning the uterus lining and she shook her head before I had finished my query. She said in some cases Clomid can have this side effect but it has no negative impact on the ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. 24% of women on Clomid will miscarry - the same as those women who conceive naturally. 45% of women on Clomid will get pregnant. This figure is lower if there are other infertility factors, or if the woman does not (or rarely does) ovulate or if she is obese. When I asked her for the success rates in over 40s she looked me straight in the eye and said the figures are the same for younger women.

What I have discovered is they chuck this drug at anyone and everyone. I was talking to women in the waiting room who were younger than me, older than me, Asian (more than white on the day I went) - but none of the women were overweight. They regularly give Clomid to women who are ovulating regularly. I have had no side effects whatsoever and today I have taken my final pill this cycle. However, on Clomid threads I am reading lots of women suffer when their doses are increased to 100mg (which they automatically do, it would seem, after 3 months of 50mg not working) I really don't care if I suffer with Clomid. The 'evidence' surrounding Clomid increasing the chances of ovarian cancer is very sketchy and, again, I don't care. This may seem like a cavalier attitude towards my health but, to be frank, if this failed ttc continues for another year it is my mental health I am worried about.

goldengirl71 Sun 14-Oct-12 10:59:41

DP showed me his month's supply of nicotine patches yesterday. I watched as he ripped up and chucked away his tobacco and papers. He showed me his very own vitamins he has bought. The underpants have not yet been jettisoned but...I'm working on it. He has assured me that he will do everything I have asked and more in order to try to improve his sperm morphology. He said he won't let me down. I said he was forgiven smile

goldengirl71 Sun 14-Oct-12 11:10:18

Gum, here is the list of possible side effects of Clomid from the pamphlet the consultant gave me: hot flushes, mood swings, breast tenderness and swelling (will I get the elusive tender breasts at last??), bloated feeling in the lower abdomen, headaches, nausea, hair loss (this is very rare - besides, I'd rather be bald than childless), blurred vision (very rare - I am already blind as a bat).

Like I said, I have experienced none of the above, however I may be speaking way, way too soon. If the women on the Clomid thread are to be believed, I can look forward to horrific mood swings (what's new? I'm trying to conceive and failing miserably for fuck's sake) and a doubled-over-in-agony cramping as I ovulate. Then there is the alarmingly extended luteal phase (almost all the women are frantically and excitedly POAS when their usual luteal phase has passed and nearly all of them are devastated to learn it's a BFN and their period arrives 17DPO shock)

MiaAlexandrasmummy Sun 14-Oct-12 18:31:32

Hello all, just popping in to thank you all for your kind thoughts of love and strength. I have been feeling pretty calm over the weekend, but now feeling very wobbly...

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