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Anyone know about early implantation bleeds?

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PunkInDublic Thu 11-Oct-12 17:45:40

TTC for 12 months now.

I don't use the ovulation kits as we tend to DTD every day anyway and it seemed pointless ( I can now see the point!). Had a bleed on cycle day 15, red blood, small amount then nothing. I feel full and crampy.

I've googled and searched previous threads, seems it's too early and it was too red to be implantation.

So now you have my life story, has anyone had red blood so early in a cycle and turned out to be pregnant? I'm aware I could have ovulated early and maybe that's why it seems to soon for an implantation bleed. If it's not pregnancy I shall have to go to the doctors to get checked too. <sigh>

chocolateteabag Thu 11-Oct-12 22:43:52

Could just be a tiny tear from DTD which caused the red blood.
I got these a couple of times when pg ( but 12 weeks plus) and it freaked me out.
I did get a couple of teeny bleeds early on, and it's amazing how many people do bleed. So you could be pregnant. But if you aren't I would reeeeaaallly recommend trying an opk like CBFM as will help you be clear on your cycle.

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