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TTC Super Ovulation part 3

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Arianrhod Mon 08-Oct-12 08:30:07

Hey ladies -

There are a few of us who are ttc after mc's, however there will be ladies out there who are also ttc for the first time or second or third without success. If anyone is on, considering or had success on a super ovulation programme then do join us. How long did it take ? Did you try IUI with it.. ? Did you have PCOS?

Kicking this off and hoping some of you will join....

part 1 here:

Part 2 here:

Arianrhod Mon 18-Feb-13 08:01:07

Oh, and from the 'increase egg quality' page of the same site:

L-arginine is an amino acid that has been shown in studies to increase ovarian response, endometrial receptivity, and pregnancy rates in IVF patients who supplemented in large doses of L-arginine. (Published in Human Reproduction 1999).

Arianrhod Mon 18-Feb-13 08:04:32

Incidentally it was that site that convinced me to use Wobenzym, rightly or wrongly I don't know but it doesn't seem to be having any side effects so I'm ok with it right now.

Arianrhod Tue 19-Feb-13 15:26:46

clabbage The chlamydia test alone is 100 euros, if you add in the additional '7 in 1' infections testing it's an extra 170 euros. I chose to get tested for the lot, and I'm glad I did, even if it hasn't helped me get/stay pregnant. It's easy enough to get tested; you need one of those urine sample tubes (you can get one from most chemists I think; I had one left over from my GP from many, many times of getting tested for UTIs!) and some saline (I used saline drops from Boots). I think you just need a teaspoon of blood. I posted mine off via normal post (I think I sent it International Recorded, but you don't need to) and it got to Serum within about 5 days. When they've got the sample they email you for payment which you can do by bank transfer or Paypal - I used Paypal. Then they email you with the results and if you need it, a prescription for any medications necessary.

If you want to know, this is what they look for in the '7 in 1' tests:

an 'ordinary' test for Chlamydia Trachomatis;
a test of total bacterial load, which measures the level of 'good bugs' (lactobacillae) – a reduced population tends to indicate an abnormal vaginal environment caused by another, more hostile, bacteria, such as E-coli, Proteus etc.;
2 species of Mycoplasmas – Mycoplasma Genitalium and Mycoplasma Hominis;
2 other Bacterial Vaginosis species – Gardnerella Vaginalis and Atopobium Vaginae).

Hope that helps!

Arianrhod Tue 19-Feb-13 15:27:24

@rse, posted that on the wrong thread, was supposed to be on the Pred thread! Sorry ladies ... blush

Mel3062 Tue 19-Feb-13 19:39:26

I've just done that ari!;) x

Pebbles73 Tue 19-Feb-13 21:09:41

Hi all, thought I would just pop in and give you a wave. Have been lurking still to see how you are all doing.

Wondered how you found the Humira Mel ? Will be lurking to see how you get on with your blood test results.

Tiilyann hoping the iui works out for you and welcome to the thread.

Brown how did you get on with your results today?

Lemon hope all is still going well with you and great they are going to give you regular scans.

Ari how is everything with you? Have been reading your posts with interest and hope all the supplements do thier trick for you. Your very good with all the researching. smile

Well I was due to see Mr S last week to finally get my results but the weather was bad and snowing and they were saying heavy snow in my area so I ended up cancelling. Going to see him on the 7th March and once sorted humira need to decide where having ivf. Need to decide if I have one last go and spend it on the ARGC or go sonewhere cheaper meaning we could have two more try's....,.

Waves to anyone I have missed and to Duggs if you are lurking.

Arianrhod Tue 19-Feb-13 21:52:25

Good to hear from you pebbles! Sorry your results got snowed off .. which results are you still awaiting? Is humira for raised TNFa? I was just reading about that today, apparently it's one of the things people take Wobenzym for.

I like the idea of having two tries rather than one, but you have to be comfortable with the choice of clinic. If Serum is a consideration for you, do you know you can email Peny to discuss it with her even if you don't then choose to go there? Just a thought, she's very helpful.

Absolutely nothing doing here .. again. In 2ww at the mo, I'm either 4 or 5dpo and nothing of anything going on. Yes I know it's a bit early, but still! smile

Mel3062 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:00:07

Hi pebbles ;) had blood test yesterday so praying my 2 humira shots have been enough really want to dtd again!!
Yes it's for high tnf alpha ari mine was 54 and should be 30 something umm maybe I will take Wobenzym then!!!
I take it you're awaiting tnf results pebbles?
I think we may end up at serum if humira doesn't help us, how long do you give it before ivf? Lucies 19 in sept times running away sad
Where's argc? Can anyone go privately?

Mel3062 Tue 19-Feb-13 23:05:41

Humira was ok but stings so try some elma cream! I've still not slept great, don't know if that's down to the humira or not!
Full of cold and awful sore throat at mo even though I've had flu jab sad

brownstag Wed 20-Feb-13 14:14:56

Just read that IVF is supposed now to be offered to women of up to 42 on the NHS, as long as they haven't had IVF before. Who would that affect on here? Not sure if that covers secondary infertility (prob not) but I shall ask my consultant when I see him. Went on Monday, but it was the wrong month! 18th March, not 18th Feb!
Thanks for asking, Pebbles. Had my scan with Mr Mafouz today. He's such a sweetie. Inga, his nurse/secretary, was away and it took him about half an hour to do the most basic typing. He apologised for being too old to learn these things.
Anyway, 2 big follies and 4 small ones. Endometrium only 6.57 but he said it looked nice and had a triple layer which was what he was looking for. So overall a similar/slightly worse result than last year, but then, it was a while ago. Better than no eggs anyway!
Mr Mafouz said sometimes the dye test can help relax tubes that are in spasm and can help you get pregnant. Also, amazingly, he said rarely an egg released on the right can be picked up by the tube on the left (or vice versa)!
ari, l-arginine coming up! It sounds like my endometrium needs it.
Good luck with that humira result, Mel and Tillyann, it sounds very promising.

Arianrhod Wed 20-Feb-13 14:23:15

Not me brown sad Too old for NHS-funded IVF, sadly. Great news on the follies, so that's 2 for definite that are in with a chance, and possibly others may grow? When do you have to do trigger shot? Interesting to hear about the dye test, I didn't know about that. And you might want to throw in Vitamin E too (as per the link earlier), I take both.

Mel3062 Wed 20-Feb-13 14:53:22

Yey brown ;) sounds good. Ivf funding is non existent in my area but I have Lucie so I can't have it anyway x

Breezyweezy Wed 20-Feb-13 17:59:17

Hi ladies. It's been a while, but I need to rant to others who understand my frustrations.

I had my NHS fertility appointment a few weeks back and the Dr I saw was nice and said oh yes you will have to have IVF you have been through so much, but I'll need to discuss with my colleagues and I'll call you in 3 days time. Next appointment to refer for IVF booked for end of April. She calls today 2 weeks later to tell me that actually upon discussion, no I can only get 3 IUIs on the NHS and that's it. Apparently no IVF (where I am you can get 3 goes) as my AMH is too low, but IUI is better for me and has more chance of working than IVF! You have to be kidding me??? I am absolutely furious and distraught. Unfortunately my Drs was just closing as I got there tonight, but I want to find out where I stand on this. I don't think they even tested my AMH and believe they just took my private result from last summer. It seems every possible obstacle that can be put in my way is put there...miscarriages, uterine septum, very high NKCs, low AMH, and now this. I have been living this nightmare for 4 and a half years and each time I think we might take a step closer to the dream of having a baby, wham we get knocked back. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I have given up with the SO, pred, hydroxy and various other supplements as I don't see the point. We have the funds to go privately but them my OH just doesn't seem keen, so i may just have to book the appointments and tell him to turn up!! Ari he is a little like yours I believe in that he tries to blank out anything to do with the whole TTC debacle and isn't interested, which makes it even more difficult and depressing for me. Anyway, apologies for the ranting and raving I am just a little upset!!

Brown glad to hear follie scan went well. Mr Mahfouz is lovely. I have seem him twice for scans. Let's hope this is the month!

Mel how long does it take to get your tnf alpha re-test results back? And if all is well can you just get right back in the saddle, as they say?

Pebbles where did you go before for your previous IVF cycles? Any advice for me on clinics? Obviously ARGC would be wonderful but perhaps not the best one to start out with..

Waves to all!

Pebbles73 Wed 20-Feb-13 18:51:59

Yes Ari going for my tnf alpha results which I know are going to be high as was asked to go and see Mr S. I need to get him to explain it all a bit for me! Thanks for the info about Penny, I keep looking at other places and coming back to ARGC. The success rates for my age are 50% as opposed to around 24 - 28% elsewhere so a big difference! I could go back to Oxford as managed to get two positive results which ended in a chemical and miscarriage prob due to high nkc's. can't believe I am still ttc after all these b****y years!!!

Mel it's really up to you and what's recommended as to when to have ivf. For me I never got pregnant naturally so ivf was only way forward. The ARGC is a private clinic in London that gets the best results by miles. They are also the most expensive but specialise in difficult cases and immune issues, it's very intensive though with loads of scans and blood tests.
Hope you are feeling better soon and get to ttc!

Good luck Brown, sounds like a good follie result.

Breezy sorry to hear you are having a hard time with the nhs, sadly ivf seems to be a bit of a post code lottery and have read of people moving and everything to get it. I understand how you feel as I have been ttc on and off for the last ten years and am 40 thus year so coming to the end for me although hard to come to terms with.
I had ivf at Hammersmith which I wouldn't reccomend as didn't have a great experience after having a chemical pregnancy( never heard of it at the time) as very busy place and everyone was generally foreign with rubbish English!! I was then able to transfer to Oxford which was a far better experience, it wasn't very busy and is a private clinic rather than hospital, everyone there was lovely. The ARGC is the place to go for best results, a friend of mind went to the Lister and she got her bfp second time and said they were great.

Breezyweezy Wed 20-Feb-13 19:17:19

Pebbles I keep coming back to ARGC too. I downloaded and filled in their appointment form back in October but never sent it off. It may be popping in an envelope very soon!! The Lister was also on my list, so may make an appointment there to see what they are like. I went to see CRM near Regent's Park back in October as they are about 10 minutes from me. Am sure they are great, but the consultant tried to push the donor egg route with us from the off and that's not something I am prepared to look at, at least not at the moment. Also saw Dr Gorgy, but was so overwhelmed by his list of testing that I never went back! I've got Friday off from my jury service so shall be spending the day researching clinics.

Pebbles73 Wed 20-Feb-13 19:41:26

It is hard to know where to go and different viroid re condos different places! I feel like I am in the last chance saloon and ARGC seems the best place for me also particularly as most places don't have great results at my age. Do you mind me asking how old you are? Also can't remember if you have difficulties getting pregnant or it is more miscarrying that is the problem?
I hear you about all the testing and it seems they generally test must thinks with steroids, intralipids etc anyway....god it is all such a nightmare!

Breezyweezy Wed 20-Feb-13 20:04:31

I totally agree. One person says go here, whereas another says no, no they're rubbish, go here!! A total minefield!
Of course I don't mind you asking how old I am!! I will be 35 in April, a spring chicken really, but with the AMH levels of some one almost menopausal at 0.63pmol. When we first started out on this mountainous road, I got pg quickly, first time within 3 months but had a mmc discovered at 11 weeks. Then it took about 18 months till the next pg, but we weren't trying too much as my job got in the way and the mmc hit me for six. That ended in mc at 7.5 weeks then 4 months later after doing 3 months traditional chinese medicine got pg but mc at 8.5 weeks. 2 year anniversary of last mc coming up and not had a sniff since, although we did have to wait while we had RMC at St Mary's (waste of time!) and an op to remove uterine septum, which according to them was my problem hmm. So it's been 16 months trying since then and nothing at all. Tried the pred, nothing except a stone extra in weight! Tried hydroxy, then SO when Mr S told me my AMH back in August, but admittedly only 4 goes as stopped after Christmas. I can't get time off court to go for follicle scans at moment and also didn't want the drugs interfering with the nhs tests I was having. Think we are just going to have to bite the bullet and go for IVF privately.
My acupuncture lady keeps saying we should try again with herbs and the like, but I don't know if we really have the time for that and probably the money would be better spent moving straight to IVF.
I just wish we all had a crystal ball...

Pebbles73 Wed 20-Feb-13 20:43:42

You are a spring chicken! smile I know it's a lot of money and you do still have some time but if I was you I think I would go straight for ivf and not waste time as you may end up regretting hanging around. I took to long to push for help and we moved around quite a bit for a while and each time I would have to back to square one with the doctors and getting testing.
It must be very frustrating for you getting pregnant initially, I assume you have high nkc's?

I tried accupuncture for a while while having ivf and got all my bfp's when not having it and a negative while having it so gave up on that route although seems to work well for some people.

Ahh yes I think we have all wished for one if those at some point or another on here...

duggs1976 Wed 20-Feb-13 21:40:16

Ahh my breezy and follow ivf hoverers! Im hearing you ladies.. I have to say ARGC is top of my list. They test each month so u really do have the best chance for you! It is expensive though but comparatively speaking I would say extra cost is outweighed by better results.

I've stopped SO, pred, hydroxy everything for a while now. it wasn't making any difference as far as I could tell.

Pebbles73 Wed 20-Feb-13 22:07:58

Great to hear from you Duggs, I also stopped taking everything after my last super ov round in November. Has been lovely having my life back for a while and drinking loads of coffee and wine if I fancy it without worrying! I am starting to feel its time to get going again although because of needing humira will be a while yet.
When are you starting ivf, you are doing one on nhs soon aren't you?

Just a general question, I have been left with what I assume is adult acne since taking pred quite badly on one cheek which is really red. Has anyone else had this? Have never had amazing skin but it was doing ok and now hate seeing myself without make up!! sad

Mel3062 Thu 21-Feb-13 05:41:28

Sorry to hear that breezy weezy hope it all gets clarified for you you're right to seek another advice.
Hoping my result doesn't take too long and hopefully yes try again before ivf though don't know how many months to try without ivf but obviously hope all this will be enough so don't need expense of Ivf. I did think about serum for ivf but I think I'm best going where the results are highest!!
Reading about argc sounds the only option though you need to practically live there unless it was during school hols that's the only way I'd get all the time off!! Has anyone had ivf with mr s or does he recommend argc?
Itl be interesting knowing your levels pebbles.
Hope Tilly is ok too.

duggs1976 Thu 21-Feb-13 06:29:04

winkMel of course mr s practically kept out of his chair when he knew I was doing IVF elsewhere not with him/ his clinic dr gafar does it. There r limited stats as so new but the staff r made up from other clinics. Up to you but personally unless you prefer it don't see what is to gain really from going with m c clinic ? There may be other experiences but haven't heard any on here.

Arianrhod Thu 21-Feb-13 08:55:43

Completely neutral here on the where-to-go-for-IVF debate because OH won't even consider IVF, even if we did have the money (which we don't), but have been reading the FF boards for yonks and they're mostly doing IVF. ARGC definitely does seem to get excellent reviews (not I believe for my age range though? don't know) and I think CARE is supposed to be good too, as is the Lister. Bear in mind also that Dr Gafar was at ARGC so will have the expertise of that clinic; means New Life might be a possibility if it fits in better with people's travel plans etc.

breezy totally understand the rant - I was making derogatory comments at the TV last night while watching the item on the news about IVF now being able to be offered to ladies up to the age of 42 on the NHS. Like, Yeah right, but not everyone will be able to get it, even if NICE say they should. And the fact that you only get one go - what's that about? 3 goes if you're under 39, but only 1 up to 42? It takes a few goes to get the best protocol sometimes, so how does one attempt help anyone? Unbelievable.

Do carry on with the IVF discussions ladies, even if it's not SO it's all ver interesting, as one who would be doing IVF like a shot if I could!

brownstag Thu 21-Feb-13 10:17:48

I'll just throw this into the IVF discussion ...

Arianrhod Thu 21-Feb-13 10:33:08

Wow, that's quite something brown. Still, Australia is a long way to go to get IVF, and I can't see it getting here any time soon sad

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