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Finally started TTC (Oct 12) Anybody else care to join/support?

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BoyMeetsWorld Sun 07-Oct-12 19:30:58

Hi all,

After much much waiting, deliberating over 'right times', coming off of nasty medication / mirena coil & finding a time we weren't both shattered from work...DH & I finally started TTC tonight!

Feel a bit excited, not scared that this could be the start of a long long process. Would love to chat to others just starting round about now & share your journey...or please direct me to the most recent thread of this type if there is already a better one (there's so many threads on here & I couldn't find one for people just starting TTC at the moment).


RubyWindsor Wed 17-Oct-12 16:23:10

Hi all! New to MN! Can I join! I had my merina removed at the beginning of June and just been casually TTC since then... Going to try a bit harder with ov dates etc from November if this isn't our lucky month! AF due 28/10 so playing a waiting game before any POAS action smile fingers x'd for everyone else gringringrin

Oh and sorry if this posts a few times, had a few signal issues with my phone angryblush

MTBMummy Fri 19-Oct-12 09:25:22

Hi all, DP and I have been trying since the first - although I had my implant out last month I've still not had a period, I am starting to wonder if I managed to get pg immediately after having it out (I should have been ovulating) or if my body is still just trying to settle down form the hell that is the implant

perrista Wed 24-Oct-12 20:05:54

Hi all. Finally got my clear blue smily face so DH and I Dtd! Lets wait and see but only 1st month of truly TTC. Started taking evening primrose oil, starflower oil and pregnacare conception tablets. My medicine draw looks like a gynae pharmacy shop!

Purplemonster Wed 24-Oct-12 21:43:19

Hi, can I join in? I took my last pill at the end of September and I'm still waiting for AF. Trying not to get my hopes up as I know the chances of me being pregnant already are pretty slim so think my body is just taking its time getting back to normal. I am trying not to be impatient.

Mummyoftwo12 Thu 25-Oct-12 07:52:37

Hi all,

I'm ttc my 3rd little bundle smile have 2 of my own from a previous relationship who left me and then met my OH, he has no children and has brought my 2 up from 6 months and 18months so he is their dad.

We had a pregnancy scare last month as he didn't want anymore children he said the 2 I have were enough for him but he now wants another one as he thought I was pregnant so he got really excited.

This is our first month ttc so fingers crossed. I have done everything right with timing etc.

I do get worried that maybe he will leave(I don't know why) lol and I'm left with 3 children on my own but I have to put that thought to the back of my head.

I will be testing for a bfp around nov 5th so not long now. Hate waiting though!
Good luck all x x x grin

deliasmithy Wed 14-Nov-12 00:26:42

Still waiting for AF, desperate to be able to get going!

MTBMummy Thu 15-Nov-12 13:07:46

I finally got my period after having my implant removed in September - so now we know that it could happen soon now - never been so happy to have my period - sorry if that's TMI blush

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