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CP with PCOS - what happens next...

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JellyCurls Fri 05-Oct-12 13:44:40

I am in limbo and need some words of wisdom. I had a chemical pregnancy last month. I had brown implantation bleeding that didnt stop then a bright red gush then nothing else, sorry this is way tmi for lunchtime. I went to docs who said hormonal and af would start soon and blamed my age and pcos (am 35 so not by any means old).

Well here I am 41 days on from initital implantation bleed and 34 days since gush but I have no AF and no BFP either. I have had cramps last few weeks, sore boobs and severe irritability with dc but still AF is absent and so is my bfp. And 76 days since AF visited me proper the last time (end July).

Does anybody have any ideas how to get things back on track? I was regular 32 day cycle before cp but no idea whats going on now. Maybe I just need a Friday afternoon hug as sometimes (surrounded by pregnant colleagues) it just gets you down not knowing where abouts you are.

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 05-Oct-12 14:10:53

((((((((((friday arvo))))))))))))))))

I was very sorry to read about your chemical pregnancy and hope you continue to receive support as and when you need it. is a good website re PCOS, you may want to look at that as well.

PCOS is a condition that often requires careful management with regards to trying to conceive. I write that as a fellow PCOSer who was told that my risk of miscarrying was much higher than for someone without PCOS.

You should be referred to a hospital's subfertility unit as PCOS is a condition that should not be messed around with in ignorance or by GPs as it is outside their remit of expertise. Seek expert help.

JellyCurls Fri 05-Oct-12 16:54:10

Thanks for your reply attila. I got diagnosed pcos after a 9 month spell with no period but since birth of dc1 things been much more regular. This cp has just thrown things off and back to no cycle again it seems. Will go back to gp if af still mia in a few weeks

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