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Fertility diets - helpful or a waste of time?

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whiterose2011 Fri 05-Oct-12 12:44:45

I've been recommended to think about following a fertility diet and wondered if this has helped anyone in the past?

I did a google search and the first few pages came up with the normal suggestions i.e. don't drink alcohol and fizzy drinks, avoid processed foods etc, most of which I think is common sense. I've just had my first mc but am keen to try again and wondered if this has worked for anyone.

I've seen loads of pregnant women stuffing their faces with chocolate, crisps etc so I'm wondering if diet really makes a big difference? confused

MistressofPemberley Fri 05-Oct-12 18:37:13

I've cut out alcohol and caffeine after a few early mcs. Eating different foods at different parts of my cycle. Lots of veg, protein, less dairy, less junk etc. Read loads about it. Been having acupuncture for the 7 months too. Cycles have defo improved. Pmt and period pain have pretty much gone, ovulation is earlier and luteal phase is longer. All good really. Waiting to get (and stay) pregnant now to see if it really has worked!

whiterose2011 Mon 08-Oct-12 14:23:34

I have my fingers crossed for you! I've decided not to do anything too drastic as I know I won't be able to sustain it but am cutting out rubbish I.e. chocolate, crisps etc and trying to make sure most things aren't processed. I also read in my conception book that you need a balanced diet so no Dukan for me! wink

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