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How long to leave TTC after D&C / miscarriage

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janiewoozle Fri 05-Oct-12 09:59:55

Hi Girls,
Unfortunately I went privately after an early scan showed that my twin pregnancy was not going the way it should. The specialist admitted me to hospital as she could see that the pregnancy would not be able to continue, and yesterday morning i had the dreaded D&C procedure to make the miscarriage less painful. Devastating doesn't come close but I am trying to be positive and trying to look to the future.

I have been reading mixed info online about TTC after miscarriage, and how long to leave it etc. I feel like I will be ready to think about trying to get pregnant again soon, but was hoping some of you girls could let me know your experiences / advice if you have gone through the same.


Hooya Fri 05-Oct-12 10:59:36

Hi janie and so so sorry for your mc.

I've just got back from my D&C following mmc. My doctor (who I think is brilliant, has 30 years experience) said we can just crack on with it. From what I've read since I found out about the mc earlier this week, they only suggest waiting to either give yourself time to heal emotionally, or because if you get pg right after it's harder to date the pregnancy. I don't live in the UK but where I do live I think they're pretty cautious so I doubt the advice will be any less conservative here, if you know what I mean?

I know we're raring to go now and after this (my first mc after only a couple months TTC) we're even more certain that we want a baby, so why not get on with it if we feel ready?

All the very best of luck to you - there's a lovely thread on here called TTC after MC I think where there will be loads of support if / when you are ready to try again.

All the very best of luck to you.

janiewoozle Fri 05-Oct-12 13:52:38

thank you for your very comforting message. i think we'll be ready to start trying again soon, once the grieving ends. isn't it amazing how attached you get to the little people you've never met but imagined your whole future around. certainly a few weeks of very up and down emotions, but i think we'll do our best to be strong and move on when we're ready.

i would love to try again soon, it was also our first attempt to conceive, but i guess it just wasn't meant to be this time.

hope it happens soon for us both xx

Dappylittlemomma Sun 07-Oct-12 12:01:39

Hi Janie and Hooya, sorry to hear of your losses. I also had the dreaded D&C on Monday after an incomplete miscarriage at 11 weeks- all pretty hideous isn't it.

I'm currently in Australia and the advice here is that you should wait till after a period to TTC again, as they say there is slightly increased chance of a further MC if you conceive straight away.
We're really keen to TTC ASAP and not wait, I just so want to be pregnant again, although terrified I'll MC again. I've looked into the evidence about this (DH and I are both Drs, although not Obstetricians, so like looking into the evidence for things). We could find no evidence that there is increased risk of MC again if you conceive straight away. The NHS advice is to crack on as soon as you like and feel emotionally ready to, although dating may be tricky. There is a study, done in Aberdeen, which showed women are more likely to have a successful pregnancy in the first 6 months after a MC, than if they wait longer to conceive. There is also evidence that you are more fertile for a period after a MC.
We're going to TTC straight away and fingers crossed for BFPs all around pretty soon!

janiewoozle Sun 07-Oct-12 13:57:02

thanks for your message Dappy, sorry to hear you had to go through it as well sad

Yes it seems that the only reason not to try straight away is due to dating difficultes. My dating was quite difficult anyway as i have 50 day cycles so if i hadn't got the Ovulating Test Strips then I would have been clueless last time. The only thing I have read is that is can be damaging to have sex too soon after having the D&C so might wait a little while - not sure how long to wait though!

I was thinking that I was over the worst of the bleeding after the op - I only had a little bit of spotting since the op on Thursday, however I woke up this morning and there was a lot of blood - like a heavy period. i got a bit of a shock but on further googling I discovered this was pretty normal.

thanks again for your messages, and good luck for next time smile xxx

Dappylittlemomma Mon 08-Oct-12 11:08:20

Hi Janie, I've had similar bleeding. I gather sex when still bleeding had a slight infection risk, I guess because the uterus os may still be slightly open. May be TMI, but we had sex last night for the first time since MC. It was good to have that physical closeness with DH again and I didn't want sex to turn into just TTC, as I SO want to be pregnant again. I do feel terrified to venture into the stress of a potential repeat MC though. How you doing?

janiewoozle Mon 08-Oct-12 15:22:30

yes i think we'll defo wait until the bleeding has stopped, still heavy today, and as you say i just don't want to risk any infection either. haven't used sanitary towels since i was about 14 and i forgot how annoying they are! but needs must! i know what you mean about the physical closeness. the mc certainly brought us closer and we have been spilling our hearts out to each other - usually DH is quite reserved and wouldn't show emotions like this. so i might plan a little romantic night in a week or so just to get the spark going again smile

i'm doing ok in myself, however, i just got a text from a friend to tell me they're expecting - made me a bit tearful mainly as she has two little ones and said she would never want to have a third! grrrr!!! but i'm happy for them in my own jealous way! i've taken another few days off work just to have some time to myself - booked in for a facial and getting on top of all the housework and just doing stuff for me today. and googling...a lot!!!

hope you are doing ok xx

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