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Why oh why do the medical profession keep trying to write me off at 35?? #longrantsorry

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ScarlettInSpace Tue 02-Oct-12 13:58:43

My FSH when last tested was 12, which is high but not ridiculously so?

From a medical article:

The normal level of FSH in a menstruating woman lies between 5 and 25mIU/ml. If the level is higher than 25, then the woman is in the peri or premenopausal stage, while she is menopausal, if the level is around 50

FSH levels in women are said to be normal when they are between 3 mIU/ml to 10 mIU/ml. But the levels change significantly during ovulation, pregnancy and menopause. Considering these changes, FSH level between 3 to 30 mIU/mL can be considered as normal level for women

My AMH at 4.22 is low but again not the bottom of the hospital's own scale:

40.04 - 67.9 pmol/L = Optimal
21.98 - 40.03 pmol/L = Satisfactory
3.08 - 21.97 pmol/L = Low
0 - 3.07 pmol/L = Very Low/Undetectable

All my other blood tests have come back at healthy levels.

I'm 35 so the egg quality should not be questionable?

I had an ecptoic years ago that ruptured at 9 weeks shock so my eggs are fertilisable and my body kind of knows what to do with an embryo even if it was in the wrong place, wrong time which is the story of my life lol

So due to that I have only my L tube, a hycosy earlier this year seemed to show my R ovary was shrunken, dormant and "pre-menupausal" and he felt it had been damaged during the ectopic surgery - however this is now in doubt as my R ovary has just produced a "perfect" follicle during IVF

I've just had an IVF cycle abandoned before EC as despite my womb lining being "beautiful" I only had 1 follicle at 18mm on my R ovary and nothing on my L ovary [which is supposed to be the healthy one]. I was on the long protocol and the down reg affected me really really badly so I suspect I was over-suppresed. The nurse said she doesn't think the stims worked at all as the scan to her looked like a normal cycle not a stimulated one [despite being on 5/6 powders of stims]

Every consultant & nurse has been insistent on telling me I am a 'poor responder' with 'low reserves' and all I keep hearing is 'with such a high FSH and such a low AMH you shouldn't expect much' angry They seem to want me to fail? Why are they even talking to me about donor eggs when my AMH shows I have some of my own, and my so-called shrunken little R ovary managed to produce a bloody good looking follie this month [alright it was at the other side to my only tube but that's not the point] and my wombley was thick and beautiful [like a few people I could mention lol]

OH has supersperm which have already produced 2 lovely children to his ex...

Why do they want to write me off??? Anyone else entirely disillusioned by the medical profession??

Sorry for the rant grin I feel better though, and I hope it gave you all something to read over a cup of decaf grin

cakeandcava Tue 02-Oct-12 15:01:30

Hi -so sorry you are going though this.
I agree that your numbers aren't totally disastrous, and they shouldn't be so negative. I'm really surprised you were put on the long protocol though? Are you on an NHS cycle or doing it privately? I think with NHS there is more of a one-size-fits-all approach to how it's done, whereas with private treatment you get more tailor-made treatment. It really sounds as if you should be on the short protocol, the down-regging can cause your system to struggle to start up again, which might be what happened to you? Might be worth it to book yourself in to talk through the full cycle of what happened/should have happened with your consultant and see if it can be differently if you decide to try again.

And ranting is good smile Really hope it works out for you!

ScarlettInSpace Tue 02-Oct-12 15:22:54

Hi cake it was NHS yes and I did ask to go on short protocol but I was assured that recent research shows a better response on long protocol hmm

Even the nurse who did my last scan when we agreed to abandon said that 6 months ago I wouldn't have been put through long but it's all changed now apparently.

I have a follow up appt on 18th December to discuss it all, and I'm going to have a big argument with them if they insist on long again as A) it made me really poorly & turned me into a hormonal wreck [it's taken nearly a week to start to feel like myself again, despite the nurse saying the buserelin would be out of my system in 24 hours, hmm whatever] and B) it clearly didn't work.

And thank you grin at least now I am ranting rather than crying, like I have been for the last 6 weeks on the bloody down reg [yep, definitely getting back to being myself!]

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