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Clear Blue Fertility Monitor users - share your experience please

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Gurraun Mon 01-Oct-12 13:24:25

I am now on month 3 of CBFM.
Month one had highs from day 10 and then first peak on day 17
Month two had highs day 14 and 15 and first peak on day 16

Having read that after month one the CBFM settles and gets to know your body, and given that the first peak in months 1 and 2 were only a day apart, I was expecting a high again around day 14 ish. However, I am on day 10 and have got a high. My question is, now that it knows my body am I likely to get only 2 highs or so and ovulate around day 13/14 (I know ovulation date can vary) or has anyone had this and then had lots more highs before their peak (like month 1)???

Trying to second guess when ovulation may be as DP is away this week and worried will miss last high and 2 peak days if it is day 13/14 :-(

iloveberries Tue 02-Oct-12 08:52:54

How long is your cycle?

Gurraun Tue 02-Oct-12 14:28:46

Thanks for the reply!

Well, it was 31 days (14 day lutea phase) in month 1 but only 28 days (11 day luteal phase) in month 2. Have been getting random spotting from 7dpo since coming off the pill in March so was hoping that if the CBFM knew me better I wouldn't get millions of highs, but would ovulate a bit earlier (say day 14) and this would be a sign of my hormones settling a bit...........

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