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No sign of period and no BFP either :-(

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seaviewasia Fri 28-Sep-12 09:32:51

Just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation.

I usually have extremely regular periods (28 day cycles). Was just about to start the testing process for fertility treatment. (Waiting for my period to have the ORT.) Period now 1 week late. This has never happened to me in my entire menstruating life. I have done 3 pregnancy tests - day 3, day 6 and day 7 after period was due - all different brands - all negative.

What am I to do now?

Has anyone ever turned out to be pregnant after negative tests?

I have been TTC for 3 years now.

WishingIWasLucky Fri 28-Sep-12 19:48:00

Yep me! I have a 24-28 day cycle. Regular as clockwork. Cd 29 today. POAS yesterday evening: -ve. What's happening? Ain't got a clue. Been ttc for 5+ years. No dc yet. Mc at just over 8 weeks- in March 2011. Even if I was pregnant now, I would proceed with trepidation, the thrill of falling pregnant not as exciting- just full of fear. X

watermint Fri 28-Sep-12 21:51:21

me too! It's v odd, I'm now on CD 37, usually 30 day cycle. However this is my firs month 'actively' trying, but have been not using contraception for a while. Have done 3 tests, all neg. where the hell is it? wish it would show up. I was TTC for 2 years before having my ds so understand the frustrations.

Not sure what reasons for such a late period, have been googling and reading stories of women who dont test positive for weeks (not helpful!).

Good luck to both of you...

seaviewasia Sat 29-Sep-12 18:47:59

Hi ladies, sorry to hear you are also in the same situation. I also read a lot online about women who don't test positive for age. I was really hoping I would be one of them even though I knew my chances were v small. Alas my period came today! :-(
Wishing - I hope you test positive soon. TTC 5+ must be frustrating.
Watermint - I would go to doctor and insist on a blood test. I was about to do that if still no sign on Monday.. but now.
Good luck to you both.

WishingIWasLucky Mon 01-Oct-12 08:14:44

Well? Any updates, ladies? AF still AWOL. BFN on superdrug test this morning. What is going on? Could I really have ovulated much later in the cycle/ not ovulated at all due to absent period? Or is there a tiny little chance of pregnancy? Or would that have shown up on a test by now? :-(

seaviewasia Mon 01-Oct-12 09:33:16

Wishing - My AF came on Sat.
I think the only way to confirm is to go for a blood test at the doctors as some women don't test positive for a while but most do. If you insist, I think the GP will order a blood test.
Good luck

WishingIWasLucky Mon 01-Oct-12 09:38:49

Thankyou sea! I think I will wait a few more days....maybe my body will sort itself out. Good luck with the testing! Hope you get good news very soon. This long term ttc is such a boring chore- isn't it? X

seaviewasia Tue 02-Oct-12 18:17:47

Hi wishing, yes long term ttc is a big drag. I think it just wears you down.
I just had my ovarian reserve test today to start the process for fertility treatment... looks like I will try IUI first before the end of the year.

As for your period, not sure if you are into it but I do find acupuncture to really help with period issues. I am very rarely late and usually regular as clockwork. Worth checking out generally for good health I think.

Good luck.

WishingIWasLucky Tue 02-Oct-12 18:28:44

Thank you for your kind words means so much, especially as infertility is such a taboo in RL. Good luck with the iui. I will look into the holistic approach, if nothing happens this cycle. Like you, I am as regular as clockwork, so this cycle has been very unusual for me. It's good to know either way, so that we can get back on the saddle, if needed!!!! Good luck Hun x

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