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Knocked up or not????????

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MummytoKatie Wed 26-Sep-12 12:45:17

Apologies if this is the wrong place for this - don't want to tempt fate by going onto the pregnancy forum.

(Very blush) actively ttc baby no 2. Got pregnant pretty easily with dd. period due some point between the 15th and 20th. (Cycle a bit on the variable side) Although more likely to be the 15th going on the last couple of months.

Had what looked like implantation bleeding about 2 weeks ago.

Started bleeding on the 16th so assumed it was my period and accepted not this month.

Except only a tiny bit of blood. Although my periods are often a bit on the start-stop side so didn't think much of it. Still no period by Saturday so did a test just to be sure. (Cheapy tesco one.) Negative. Now sure am not pregnant. 3 hours later was tidying up and picked up pregnancy test. Positive?!?!?! Did lots of googling and discovered about evaporation lines so still assumed wasn't.

Still not proper period (although little bit more brown looking blood) by Monday so did another test. (Another Cheapy tesco one.) Looked negative until I opened my curtains and saw a very very feint line. Did another one a few hours later. Also very feint line. Dug out old one from when had dd. also pretty feint.

On Tuesday did another one. Still very feint but maybe slightly darker. Then had some proper red bleeding. Which then stopped.

This morning did an expensive first response test. Two very strong lines. No bleeding.

So... Technically I'm pregnant right? But could be a chemical pregnancy?

Unfortunately our doctors only recognise pregnancy from when it shows up on their test (six weeks with dd!) so can't go and bug them.

Trying not to get too excited just in case.....

willitbe Wed 26-Sep-12 13:04:36

If you have positive tests then you are pregnant. If the lines are now coming up strongly, then probrably the bleeding was implantation bleeding. No reason why you could not go to doctors now explain posiitive home pregnancy test and bleeding they may or may not want you to go to an early pregnancy unit.

Congratulations on your pregnancy

Angie607 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:06:26

Test again in a couple of days and see what that one says. FX for your bfp

MummytoKatie Wed 26-Sep-12 20:12:51

Thanks for the advice. Will test again in a couple of days and call the doctors if I have any more bleeding.

I'll come back and post the answer either way as I found loads of threads like this when I looked but hardly any with "and baby is now due in May" or "sadly not pregnant - had better go and ravish dh" on them.

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