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AMH test, worth it or not?

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SweetieDoesIt Wed 26-Sep-12 10:47:53

I have just been through my first IVF cycle, unfortunately it wasn't successful. I am now considering next steps. I didn't have a AMH test carried out prior to starting IVF as I wanted to see how I got on without been compared to another number.

My FSH was 8 but my follicle count was only 2 so was told IVF may be "futile" and I should look into egg donation. But as the waiting time on NHS would be so long I would be over the age limit for NHS IVF treatment anyway.

Is it worth having a AMH test carried out to see what my chances are to conceive using my own eggs, then go to a clinic that specialises in poor responders?

Any recommendations of good clinics would be gratefully received, I am based in Yorkshire. I know the lister and arcg both have good reputations not sure realistically if a London clinic would be appropriate now I know what you have to go through.

Angie607 Wed 26-Sep-12 10:52:25

I don't know what all these test are but personally I would want to know every detail and specific from every test I could have, that way, the doctors also have all the specifics and results of your case in front of them and hopefully could push things along a bit


catweasle Wed 26-Sep-12 11:34:44

Sweetie sorry your IVF didnt work. I am about to start on my first cycle of IVF through the NHS and they are testing my AMH so they have an idea of what dose of drugs to start me on. I would probably ask for it to be tested but remember its a fairly new test I think so may not be the most reliable.

Sorry I have no idea about clincs in Yorkshire as am in Scotland.

willitbe Wed 26-Sep-12 12:50:43

AMH tests gives an idea of the number of eggs left, but nothing about quality. So poor number could still provide eggs, and high number could lead you astray as they all could be non-viable. So the AMH test is not worth doing. At St Mary's hospital, I was told not to bother doing it due to the lack of information that it actually provides.

Hope you appointment goes well.

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