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TTC #1 Thread 7

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Here we go ladies...this really IS it for us all!

BlocketteBananaSmoothie Thu 27-Sep-12 13:19:18

Letskiwithisthing: Cycle 3 BFP due 4th Oct
Dulcetmoans, cycle 5, BFP due 11th oct
Woody: Cycle 1 after 2nd mc BFP due 25th Oct ish
Blockette: Cycle 1 BFP due ?
Pear: Cycle ? BFP got!
Thunder: Cycle ? BFP got!

updated everyone smile

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 14:32:20

Nicola isn't on the list :-/

DulcetMoans Thu 27-Sep-12 14:34:48

She was one day behind me but not sure if she is anymore.

What's the deal with cm when pregnant, pregnant ladies? Lots or none?

Thundercatsarego Thu 27-Sep-12 16:03:48

I haven't had much at all, dulcet, just the occasional damp moment where I've thought shit oh golly am I bleeding, and run to the loo. I wasn't very cm-y during regular cycle though so I know I'm a bloody weirdo not typical.

letskiwithisthing Thu 27-Sep-12 17:26:55

I had creamy cm yesterday and today but think its meant to dry up if pg? Won't swear to it though confused

I'm on cycle 5, BFP due 15th October, but not testing this cycle due to wedding! If no AF, I'm testing on 23rd. :-)

Lolcbcblemonlime Thu 27-Sep-12 18:23:53

Hi all I can't add to the list either as on phone. Can someone add me pls?
Lol cycle 3 post mc. Bfp due 25th (ish)!

Just DTD again before Bri heads off to the pub...making it CDs 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 12! Apparently in the fertile period now too, finally :-)

Gonna try 14 (morning and night as can't do Sunday), 16, 17, 18 and 19. Then I can rest!

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:44:59

Wow Nicola look at you go girl!

Dulcet I had damp knickers lots at the start of pregnancy and upto now. Like Thunder said you're constantly running to loo to look for blood :-( Weirdly since yesterday I've had creamy cm / slightly yellow which is a bit odd :-/

He's determined now, I think...keeps trying to shag me, ha ha! I hope he's up to the forthcoming challenge.

And after refusing to use CP, he now loves it :-) I win.

I've had loads of CM the last two cycles post-OV, without joy. Maybe none is the key this time?!

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 21:09:33

I don't remember cm leading up to BFP...but not 100% sure about that :-/ They say everyone is different and don't go by your cm as its meant to change all the time after OV...I think I've said that before

HannahJayne Thu 27-Sep-12 21:11:11

Hellooooo. So, 2 BFNs and one visit from AF later, here I am, slap bang on a 28 day cycle. Started Slimming World this week in an attempt to get down to a healthy weight and hopefully improve my fertility.

Fx for you all for this month xx

Letskiwithisthing: Cycle 3 BFP due 4th Oct
Dulcetmoans, cycle 5, BFP due 11th oct
Woody: Cycle 1 after 2nd mc BFP due 25th Oct ish
HannahJayne: cycle 2, BFP due 27th Oct
Blockette: Cycle 1 BFP due ?
Pear: Cycle ? BFP got!
Thunder: Cycle ? BFP got!

I don't pay any attention to CM now. At body just does its own thing at all points in the month!

That's good, Hannah. Shame no joy your first cycle, but fx for this one. :-)

HannahJayne Thu 27-Sep-12 22:34:17

S'okay. Knew first cycle was a bit too much to ask. We'll see if I'm so chipper in 6 months or so!

BlocketteBananaSmoothie Fri 28-Sep-12 00:33:37

Right so! Anyone know how to kill off 2 people and make it look like an accident?

Dh and I have just been asked to be God parents to my friends beautiful 1.5 year old! She was joking about how it meant we'd have to have him if something ever happens to them so would have to hire body guards for them. Little does she know while I'd miss her, I'd quite happily steal her son! grin


peardrop2 Fri 28-Sep-12 06:12:41

Block step away from the child grin I'm a godmother, 1 of 3 so I would be the last person to adopt. I'm not even sure why I was chosen to be honest!

peardrop2 Fri 28-Sep-12 06:14:50

Nicola I think you're right to ignore CM post ovulation. The body does seem to do what it wants, when it wants!

Ha ha, Block! Peardrop's murderous thoughts please! :-)

And my body is especially evil, so I am trying to ignore it all the time!

DulcetMoans Fri 28-Sep-12 06:39:44

Did you say yes then block? Sounds like a nice thing.

Any testers this weekend? Feel like it's been ages!!

I'm still POAS waiting for a smiley...expecting it early next week if last month is anything to go by.

Have you had a second smiley like last month, Dulcet?

DulcetMoans Fri 28-Sep-12 07:11:50

I just checked the list, nothing til 4th Oct. no second smiley yet. On CD16. Last month was CD7 and CD17 I think. See what happens tomorrow. Dad stayed over tonight so peeing in my pot was tough! Had to hide it and dip the stick in the bedroom.

4th is only next Thursday, so not so long to wait!

All we do is wait for things...even the extra shagging isn't distracting me.

letskiwithisthing Fri 28-Sep-12 08:06:22

Yikes ladies it's me to test on the 4th- unless someone else joins to test before me!

Really hope I have some good news for you all! Would be pleased to get to next Thursday without AF tbh so that I know my LP is ok! Obviously much rather a BFP!!! No symptoms of pg at all- but have symptoms of AF on the way sadly sad not over till she shows though!!

Have a day off with the DH today so going to go out for the day and take my mind off it

Have a good Friday ladies x

RaspberrysAndIcecream Fri 28-Sep-12 08:09:34

Sorry about bfn / AF Hannah.

Day 24 here - I'm not sure what day I'll be testing. Think I'm cycle 4?! I've lost count!! Maybe test in 10days if no AF - or maybe next weekend coz I'm not that good at waiting!!! Lol!!

Mil came round last night, had to quickly hide the cb monitor & sticks that were in the bathroom!! Felt like a naughty child hiding it!!! But really dont need her knowing we're trying!!

Ha ha, Raspberries :-) I peel the label off my folic acid so no guests know what it is in the kitchen!!

Hope you have a nice day, lets.

I may DTD again tonight...may as well :-) Don't make babies without it!

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