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How not to get totally crazy?!

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honeybeeplusone Tue 25-Sep-12 11:01:42

We started trying again after a missed miscarriage... ALL I can think about is whether I am pregnant or not? Still a week or so before I can do the test. How not to obsess about it?! How to get interested in other things? I don't want to put some much pressure on it - we might be trying for months... i don't want my life to evolve round it, i don't want my relationship to be just about it, i don't want the sex to be just about it... But HOW?

wifey6 Tue 25-Sep-12 11:16:14

Hi honey....sorry for your loss sad
I suffered a MMC in April & just like you feel like ttc/pregnancy is very much taking up much of my thoughts...mostly on the dreaded 2ww!
There are great threads on here you can join...they support, advise & talk you out of going ttc mad! x
Wishing you all the luck x smile

redstrawberry Wed 26-Sep-12 16:18:09

sorry for your loss honey. I had a chemical pregnancy in July. We have been trying for five months without a dark positive test. My period is about to arrive today and I can feel it coming.

I tried to not think about it and give it much thought, but I find it impossible as it pretty much takes up every waking minute of my life in the two week wait. I am finding it hard to not obsess as 4 of my friends and SIL are pregnant one due in Dec, another in Jan, another in Feb and another in April (when my baby would have been with the CP) so its bloody hard.

I would say this though, I am focusing on work as much as I can, DH and I have date nights and we go to the cinema or for a meal just as we would do things normally. Also with the sex life DH and I are going to just have random sex when we feel like it from now on and not time it. Also we try to inject some humor into it so it doesn't feel like a chore - DH always jokes about how the sperm factory is getting ready smile and we try and do nice things for each other.
Another thing we will be doing next month is starting some DIY in the house to take my mind of it completely. Next to ttc I am obsessed with DIY so hoping to substitute one obsession with the other. Hope you get your BFP soon x

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