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TTC after MC, no period 8wks on....

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YorkshirePeanut Tue 25-Sep-12 08:46:28

Hi all

Hope I'm putting this in the right place. Just wondering if anyone has been in this boat! We had a miscarriage with our first pregnancy 8 weeks ago at 10wks (stopped growing at 8). I've since had a scan and got the all-clear to start trying again so we've been TTC since about 3 weeks post-MC. Still haven't had AF, but not had a BFP either so am now in an extended 2ww limbo!

Added to this, I've never had a proper cycle, got pregnant immediately when I came off the implant and prior to that I've always been on hormonal contraception, had disrupted periods as a teen (in that I had one major bleed at about 14 and then nothing until I went on the pill) so have no idea what a 'normal' cycle is for me, and at the post MC scan the sonographer's report said I had ovaries consistent with PCOS.

So basically, I'm a bit of a state, thinking that something might be wrong with me that's affecting ovulation/conception! I've got a GP appointment on Thursday, but just wondered if anyone's been through anything similar and can reassure me a little that everything's ok? Would being on the implant/pill so long affect my cycle or would that have been 'cancelled' by the pregnancy? Is 8 weeks plus a normal amount of time to wait for AF?

Sorry for all the questions. When we had the miscarriage I assumed (foolishly!) we'd get pregnant again relatively quickly, the wait is now starting to send me loopy xxx

messtins Tue 25-Sep-12 14:31:21

Hi Peanut sorry to hear about your loss. I think there is such a variation in what is 'normal' that it's impossible to say. It took 3 months after coming off hormonal contraception that I'd only been on a relatively short time for my cycles to settle down, and after my first MC it also took 3 months to get back to regular cycles. For other people they seem to slot back into 28 days (or whatever is normal for them) straight away. I get how frustrating it is when you don't understand what is happening or when you'll be able to predict your cycle though. I had a 2nd MC a couple of weeks ago and am waiting for an AF with no idea when she will deign to visit. There is a thread on this board for people TTC after MC - come and join us to vent your frustration....

LittleMissSnowShine Tue 25-Sep-12 16:21:02

Hi Peanut

Sorry for your loss and I'm in kind of the same boat as you so I know how you feel. I had mmc at the end of July, also picked up at 10.5 weeks, baby stopped growing at about 8 weeks. Had to have erpc done on 31st July and I bled a lot afterwards and kind of had spotting/patchy bleeding for 3 weeks afterwards. Then I had what SEEMED like a very very light AF on 3rd Sep and I thought just maybe I was in a new cycle. But no, on 12th Sep I started bleeding again. Still very light but slightly heavier than what I thought was AF and only lasted a day or two. But it was red and I had cramps so I guess this is me now, finally, in a new cycle. Took 43 days for AF to arrive after erpc!!

I also have PCOS and my usual cycles pre-mc (I wasn't on the pill/implant etc) were on the longer side of normal, usually around 33-35 days.

I think up to 3 months, like messtins says is normal to adjust after mc. There are LOADS of women who have babies around a year after they had a miscarriage because even though loads of women start ttc immediately it takes them 3 months for hormones to go back to normal and for them to be able to get pg again. It takes time to get over what happened, but, like you, I just want to be pg again and it all just feels like wasted time to me sad Good luck with it all - there's some good books by a writer called Collette Harris on PCOS and ttc that you might be interested in taking a look at while you wait on AF showing up x

YorkshirePeanut Tue 25-Sep-12 23:05:11

Hi messtins thanks, I've bobbed over there!

Thanks for the reassurance littlemiss, I'll have a look for that book - I think I'm just a bit spooked because they've basically said I might have it but they won't check - left hanging haha! I know several people who've conceived with PCOS and my sister has it, so I'm not overly worried, I'd just like to know if it's going to cause dodgy cycles and so on - currently on day fifty-something confused Will just have to wait and see I suppose...doctors on Thurs, no doubt they'll hand down some wisdom! Good luck ttc!

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