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Temping whilst BFing to NOT get pregnant

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nm123 Mon 24-Sep-12 10:17:09

I came off the pill 18 months before conceiving DD and used the Taking Control Of Your Fertility book to learn about temping etc do that I'd know roughly when my fertile time was so DH and I could avoid sex so as not to get pregnant. It worked for 18 months then I got lazy at temping and wham DD was on her way.

DD is now 9 months and I've been on Noriday (pill) since she was born. I want to come off it for several reasons and want to temp again for birth control. I'm still BFing and plan to until DD is 1yo.

Does BFing have an effect on temping? Or do I just start and look for the same old patterns? I've not had a period since before getting pg with DD so not sure if that makes any difference either?

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