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its a TMI, but whats going on?

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whynow2012 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:03:30

DH and I, have decided to TTC. We have had a MC a few years ago when not married and have now decided the time is right.

So I stop taking contraception, I start tracking when ovulating and at the weekend the time was right according to dates and EwCM.

we have light hearted discussion about it, and that tonights the night, so nice evening, lots of foreplay, and we start to have sex...

And he can't finish the job so to speak.

this has never been a problem previously, he has usually been quite quick off the mark, so after a long time, we stop.

later we try again and the same thing. next day we try again and he loses his erection.

I have not been angry, though am a little upset. I have said we can try again in a few days.

But is this a common thing??

RightUpMyRue Mon 24-Sep-12 09:08:28

It's the pressure. Not uncommon at all. The thought that his virility is under scrutiny is probably pretty off-putting.

Better if you don't time it and make a big build up in this way. Don't announce to him that tonights the night and he must impregnate you now or never! Just have lots of sex all throughout the month, every other or couple of days. No pressure on him and plenty of orgasms for you! Hopefully you'll get a baby before too long as well. smile

whynow2012 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:35:32

I knew the build up would be a bad idea, but its because he was using condoms before as i wasnt on contraception so it had to be discussed slightly.

I was doing sly timing as well, it just happened that we both came to the descision before the weekend, as we were both off which doesnt happen all the time.

I will try and chill out and calm down and he will try and relax, fell like we should leave it a few days.Then as you say, just have sex.

thanks, he is now really worried about it, which wont help either.

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