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Trying for number 2

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Familyguyfan Sun 23-Sep-12 14:45:14

DH and I have decided that we are ready for another child. We had a DD who is 2.5 and we think she (and we!) are just about ready for the chaos to begin again.

I'm really excited, as is DH, but we have a couple of things to think about. I have a Mirena coil which I'm obviously going to have removed. I've read there might be an increased chance if miscarriage if you conceive in the first couple of months.

Secondly, I suppose I'm concerned about our DD. I know there will be disruption but I'm hoping she will cope and be excited.

I don't really know what I'm asking. Perhaps just for reassurance and your own experiences really. I'm really excited and liked being pregnant (although I had constant morning sickness, which was a bit if a challenge!) Maybe I just wanted to tell someone as obviously we're not telling anyone in real life (well, except my mum!!)

Thanks all

Ruthchan Sun 23-Sep-12 19:57:15

It's a big decision and it's wonderful that you've decided to go for it.

Yes, you'll need to get your coil removed. Talk to your doctor about how long to leave it. Obviously, that'll be your most reliable info there!

Don't be concerned about your DD. Yes, there will be disruption and change for her, that is no bad thing.
She will be jealous in the beginning and will have to make adjustments, but in the end she will have a sibling, a playmate, a companion. All the positives will outweigh any of the negatives. She will learn to share (better than she has with her friends) she will learn to care (more than she does her friends) she will have someone to look up to her like nobody else. Having a sibling will be the best thing that ever happens to her.
You can help her with the adjustment. When the time comes you can prepare her by talking, explaining, reading books and being patient. She will be fine.

Finally, don't worry about your morning sickness. Having it the first time doesn't mean you will this time. Each pregnancy is different, even for the same mother. You will probably find that things work out differently from your first time round.

Good luck!

Familyguyfan Sun 23-Sep-12 21:01:03

Thank you so much. You've really put my mind at rest. I'm an only child (which is fabulous by the way) so this really is all brand new territory for me. Husband has siblings so he is very reassuring about it all, but its so worrying to think you might disrupt your beloved child's life for ever!

Thanks again

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