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TTC#3 and symptom spotting, anyone in the same boat?

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AnnamariaHun Sun 23-Sep-12 13:33:12

Hi everyone,

So after a succesfull holiday decided to add to our family smile, alredy have ds1 just turned 3 and ds2 who just turned 1. now that things have started to get a bit easier, decided that maybe it will be doablesmile

I really thought i should know better as have been through it twice before but 7dpo i started feeling nauseous just like in my last two pregnancies except it felt like a bit more of a tummy bug as i had actual stomach pain. then it eased off after a week and now feel a bit nauseous and have cramps like af is about the start.
my last af started 24 of august and my cycle is usually around 30 days and ovulate around day 16 so i could be +/-2 days, haven't started charting yet as only just decided on number 3
have done a few tests all came back negative so far
a few days ago i was convinced that i was pregnant, now not so sure
i guess wait for a few more days and get ready for af smile

anyone fancy joining me on this exciting journey ?!

pussycatmomma Tue 25-Sep-12 06:48:25

Hi, think we are paddling in a similar boat. My dp and I just started ttc again, I have 2 dc age 4 and 2. Time has gone so fast, its took dp a long time to agree to a 3rd, but we are now going for it- hurray at long last!! I have pcos. My last cycle was 30 days but can vary greatly. I'm currently on day 30 of this cycle. Try and check for ovulation through lots of cm checking (ugh) but seems I perhaps ovulated around day 18. Ever hopeful!!!!! Xxx

workingonitagain Tue 25-Sep-12 21:30:43

hi,pussycatmomma (it's Annamariahun just changed my nickname) yes checked my cm this month too and seemed quite in line with the ovulation pain. do you ever find that after trying for a while your cm dries up a bit? i had to use some pre seed lubricant when we were trying for number 2.
my af turned up yesterday so i think that made my last cycle 31 days which is about right. we both thought that it would have been quite a miracle if we had got pregnant straight away. it took us 6-7 month last two times to conceive.
Although we both agreed that we'd love a 3rd child and that we want it sooner than later due to not wanting too big age gap and i was disappointed when af turned up, i was also a bit relieved as deep down im feeling a bit guilty that sometimes i struggle to give both my ds enough attention, yet we are trying to make it even more complicated confused
Anyway roll on next month and let me know how you get on

pussycatmomma Thu 27-Sep-12 22:29:05

Hi annamariahun I am sure we chatted on the early ttc boards, I seem to recognise your (old) name. We are so similar in our situtaions, both 2 gorgeous ds's and aiming to add to the confusion!! I'm sorry your af has arrived ((hugs)) I feel mine is probably on its way, I'm getting very strange cm tinged with blood/murky brown (sorry tmi!) But my boobs are off the scale!! I'm like you, will be very disppointed but trying to be realistic and it is only our first month trying. Took us 3 months to concieve ds1 - I was diagnosed with pcos and had ovarian cyst removed, then had laser surgery to kickstart ovaries and eneded up with clomid. But he's here and he's 4 and he's wonderful grin ds2 arrived with no difficulty whatsoever, I was still bfeeding and I concieved after my first period just after ds1 first birthday xxx so really don't know how this one is going to come along! I don't care really! Xxxxx as long as he arrives

pussycatmomma Thu 27-Sep-12 22:30:17

Sorry that was meant to say 3 years to concieve ds1 xx

workingonitagain Fri 28-Sep-12 14:11:26

hi pussycatmomma yes i recognise ur name too. nice to know others in the same situation.
i've never had bloody or brownish cm apart from twice just before ovulation so i'd guess that it's a good sign if you are getting it just before ur af , isn't it?
even tho i've had two pregancies i constantly worry that it won't happen again or if there is something wrong this time. i know once it happens another new type of worry will begin grin . i need to relax
so how old are ur dc? ds1 just started pre school and i find it quite emotional and it's also making me feel i want to spend more quality time with them and a question of will i be able to do it if we have another one as no grandparents around so can't get any help from outside.
im sure it will be lovely once the dc3 is here and got through the 1st year tho wink
anyway let me know how you get on and i have fx for you for ur bfp xx

pussycatmomma Sun 30-Sep-12 00:09:03

Hiya annamariahun smile well still got the odd discharge/murky brown, couple of days now I think. We'll see if it progresses. My ds1 is 4 and a half, he has just started reception class. He is my little star. SO strange that he is now away from me all day, I miss him so much. .y little ds2 will be 3 in december, can't believe that either, he is still a BABY for goodness sake! [Smile]. I'm really keeping my fing
ers crossed for this month, but just avoiding taking test cos I know didisappointment hurts so uch after a bfn xxxxx

pussycatmomma Sun 30-Sep-12 00:10:24

Sorry about typos I'm on my silly phone! XX

workingonitagain Mon 01-Oct-12 13:06:03

hi there, how are you? so is ur af due soon or have u already missed it?
wow you are pretty strong holding back with the pregnancy test, i just can't help it as soon as i take one, that's it for me im on the roll and just can't stop until af turns up smile
so how did u find out u were pregnant with ur other two? any similar to how you are now?
so both of your boys are at either pre school or school? do u get some time for urself when they are at school?
im on day 8 now so will try and take some ovulation tests in a few days. last time i used the clearblue ovulation monitor but as the sticks are so expensive, i bought some of the internet cheapy one step ones so will see if they work.
ds2 is teething badly and also cought another cold so up a lot at night and i feel very tired so will have to make some real effort to do the deed smile

fx for you bfp and let me know how you get on xx

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