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Am I pregnant?

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xxMummyBxx Sun 23-Sep-12 12:35:31

Ok, so here's the jist.

I had my last period 18/08/2012 and I'm still yet to have my next period. From what I worked out I was due around the 15/09/2012 but still no sign of it appearing!

I personally think I'm pregnant, I just get that feeling. Also I have researched on ovulation dates (just out of curiosity) and it said that my highest fertility date was the day me and my partner had sex...
I have been experiencing a lot of bloating and trapped wind... (sorry if tmi!) my belly looks so bloated and swollen! and I keep getting belly butterflies throughout the day. I have also been experiencing belly cramps... but not period like but still cramp non the less. Along with that I have been noticing white discharge (again sorry if tmi) and I'm constantly hungry!! Are these all pregnancy symptoms? Or am I being paranoid? My boyfriend is insistent I'm not pregnant and I'm just over thinking things so I just wanted some opinions.

However saying all this I have taken 4 Home pregnancy tests since I was due on... All said negative but my period still hasn't arrived. How long should I wait to take another? The last time I tested was 3 days ago.

All opinions and experiences welcome! Thanks x

Nigglenaggle Sun 23-Sep-12 19:47:20

Sounds like it smile Maybe just need to do another test later. I knew I was pregnant way before the time when it showed on the test

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 20:15:08

I'm going through same thing at the mo I had a light short period on the 2/8/12 and then no show at all (still waiting) in September should of been the 6/9/12 so 18 days late? I think iv too had loads of symptoms sore boobs cramping so so exsursted gone of tea completely and coffee spots wow nasty so same as you done 4 home tests all negative so gone to docs and had bloods done get results on Tuesday eecckk they tested for pregnancy Diabetes thyroid and basic bloods so we'll see please post on here how you go and I'll do the same promise smile good luck Hun hope you get the answer u want smile

RobinSparkles Sun 23-Sep-12 20:17:57

Go to the GP. They'll probably do bloods for you.

Hope you get the result you want smile

Becky2406 Sun 23-Sep-12 20:19:45

Ps this will be my dc4 if I am preg and with my d2 I had 7 negatives with her and with my d3 I had 5 negatives so even thou iv decided at the mo ink not pregnant it's still niggling In my mind I still could be ???????

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