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Feeling Guilty for wanting another baby so soon....

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poppymum11 Thu 20-Sep-12 10:23:38

HI Ladies
I know this may sound strange but I am having big feelings of guilt for wanting another child! My DD is 19months and I am 100% inlove with her! However from the minute she was born I remember thinking could I do this again? Could I have another child? Now I am desperate to give her a wee sister or brother but at the same time I have these feelings that I'm worried will I be able to love them both equally can I still give them both the same amount of attention etc. I know it probably sounds crazy but I can't help it! I am getting closer and closer to calling the hospital to get my coil removed but stop when these thoughts enter my mind...........just need some rational advice please!!!
Thank you :D xx

CallingHamptonExperts Thu 20-Sep-12 17:28:25

You are being a little crazy. Call the hospital.

poppymum11 Fri 21-Sep-12 09:06:05

Haha!!! made...almost!!!!

dysx8 Fri 21-Sep-12 09:25:13

I can kind of relate to this... As I'm sitting in the waiting area to have my implant removed grin My girl is 22 months now and even though I'm terrified of going through labor pains again, creating another life, little sister, for her outweighs it. I think smile

CallingHamptonExperts Fri 21-Sep-12 10:17:09

When DS was nearly four, he asked for a sibling. I just hadn't got around to it. I got pregnant the next w/e (can you believe it!). I then had another the following year. I feel sorry for my eldest now as he is kind of out of the loop as the age difference is so large. They do play, but why would an 8 year old boy want to hang out with a 3.5 year old girl? He is sweet with the two youngest but I really regret not getting around to it quicker.

TheEnglishWomanInTheAttic Fri 21-Sep-12 10:23:14

Definitely crazy to worry that it's too soon - if your DD is 19 months now she'd be 2 and 4 months when a sibling was born even if you conceived tomorrow, and 2 years is a very "standard" age gap for most people.

I have a 24 month age gap between my first 2 and it worked really well - DD was old enough to do some things for herself and yet young enough not to be jealous. She and her brother do lots together and play lots together now they are 7 and 5 (though they also fight, but at least as they are almost the same size it's fairly equal and I don't have to step in too much grin )

I have another DC 3.5 years younger tan DC2 and though the older 2 love him, and DC2 asks for him to come too when I try to do 1:1 things with DC2 I worry that the eldest especially views him more as a toy/ pet/ accessory than a real brother, the way she views her closer in age brother!

PeahenTailFeathers Fri 21-Sep-12 18:34:07

You're not crazy at all! I knew I wanted another 4 days later - now that is crazy wink. I can't wait to ttc but, because my DD's only 18 weeks old, I'm making myself wait until next year - maybe give myself a birthday present in April.

poppymum11 Mon 08-Oct-12 10:46:19

Sorry its taken so long to get back to this and I really appreciate all your comments. I made the call last week however they don't take appointments to have coil removed its more of a drop in clinic so I have to find the time with work to get up doctors might be able to do it if I can phone back at the end of this week....I think I am just going to go for it and know my DD would just LOVE someone to play with :D I was an only child...a happy one though lol but would love my baba to have a little sister or brother :D so here's hoping x

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