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Anyone ever conceive first cycle after a MC?

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babyjamesblackberrycrumble Tue 18-Sep-12 14:55:53

I'm looking for stories of hope. Had a MC last month and am now on a WTF cycle. After a very low week last week I am trying to be more positive and am letting myself dare to dream!

MurderOfProse Tue 18-Sep-12 15:49:26

Sorry to hear of your loss.

Yep, I have, after a chemical. I've also conceived another chemical after a chemical before too! People say that you're supposed to be more fertile but I've never looked into any research on the subject so I don't know what that is based upon or how true it is.

Good luck!!

QTPie Tue 18-Sep-12 18:08:08

Sorry for your loss.

Yes, I did: had a very early MC, had the recommended "cycle off" (actually good for "closure" - a period just proved that I wasn't still pregnant... Eternal optimist, I know), then tried next cycle and got pregnant straight away away! DS now 2 years 7 months.

Bearing in mind it took 11 months to conceive before the MC, I was very relieved!

Good luck x

Slainte Thu 20-Sep-12 12:16:14

Sorry to hear of your MC.

I conceived my DD the month following an early MC. She's now nearly two smile

sweetkitty Thu 20-Sep-12 12:22:56

Yes I did.

The weird thing was I bled for a few weeks with the MC then 2 weeks later had my period, my body must have been ovulating whilst MCing. 4 weeks after that I had my BFP, she's now 4 and an utter joy, I also had a threatened mc with her and thought I had lost her too so she truly is our special girl.

So sorry to hear of your MC but a lot of women I know are pregnant again quite soon after.

babyjamesblackberrycrumble Thu 20-Sep-12 17:41:12

Thanks for all your responses. It's great to hear that it can happen. I'm now about 4 days into 2 week wait and am going stir crazy! Am hoping so much that I am one of those luck ones. We didn't wait at all QT as we were given no advice or info hmm

Slainte Thu 20-Sep-12 21:51:58

Good luck babyjames my Ob-gyn told me that there is no reason to wait. He also said that there are some new studies which may indicate that we are more fertile the month after a MC - though this was just a throwaway comment so don't quote me on it!

I know it's hard not to pin everything on your 2ww but remember to be kind to yourselves too.

Ninunina Sun 23-Sep-12 08:32:53

I got pregnant during my WTF cycle after a mc at 7 weeks. Had a very uneventful pregnancy and now have a gorgeous dd who is 10 months old. The only confusing bit was dating the pregnancy, though I can't say it was an issue or a concern to my doctor.
I'm so glad I didn't wait! Best of luck xxx

babyjamesblackberrycrumble Sun 23-Sep-12 14:19:20

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think I have another week to wait but have been having low abdominal pain since last Thursday so not feeling hopeful. MC truely sucks!

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