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Calling all OPK addicts and POAS Queens. Advice needed on OPKs. Pictures to study!

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Pipbin Sun 16-Sep-12 12:39:51

I normally OV on CD18 - 20. A few months ago I had a false start on OPKs showing that I was about to OV but they never got dark enough. I also chart and use a CBFM. The CBFM was fooled by the false start and gave me a peak. However my chart showed that I hadn't OV'd until a week later.

I am currently on CD12, the last two days on the CBFM I have had lows, this morning I had a high.

But, here is the reason for my question, I took my CBFM reading at about 8 and then went back to bed. When I got up again about 30 minutes later I did an OPK, and got in the shower while it did it's thing. When I got out of the shower there was a very dark line. The line looked odd though so I decided to do another OPK with a different sample. This also had a dark line.

I went out, and came back in about 12pm when I did another one. This was post two cups of tea so was not a super strong sample.
Again, another dark line came up really quickly.
Also, I have had stacks of EWCM.

Please look at the pictures ladies, by clicking my name, and see what you think. Are they positive OPKs?

FrustratedSycamorePants Sun 16-Sep-12 12:44:26

Definately +ive OPKs, plus the EWCM, get shagging. grin

Pipbin Sun 16-Sep-12 12:52:51

I would agree, but this is only CD 12 and I've never OV'd before CD 18 before.
However I did have an HSG last cycle. Could this have made a difference?

Old charts here for chart stalking too:

FrustratedSycamorePants Sun 16-Sep-12 13:13:39

Could be a repeat of april and may where EWCM started earlier. I'm not sure if the hsg would affect your cycle or not.
I'd be more inclined to go with the stacks of EWCM and the LH surge detected; meaning due to Ov soon dtd eod to cover all bases as it were, and keep tracking bbt in case Ov is delayed.

Pipbin Sun 16-Sep-12 13:51:35

I normally get a little bit of EWCM early on, but today there was stacks of it. Much more than I would normally get this early.

Pipbin Sun 16-Sep-12 19:56:39

Shameless bump.

cartoonface Sun 16-Sep-12 21:31:51

Don't question it. Just go for it!

RancerDoo Sun 16-Sep-12 21:36:27

Get on with it. Having sex now doen't prevent you doing so again if you get igns of ov once more in a week!
And i ovulated on CD 13 last month - normally it is cd15-17. You do get the odd strange cycle!

Pipbin Sun 16-Sep-12 22:39:13

This is true. I should just damn well get on with it I guess.

winkle2 Sun 16-Sep-12 23:27:37

What you doing on here? Get bonking!!

Pipbin Mon 17-Sep-12 20:13:14

Well today I had a peak on the CBFM and a super positive opk.

Got to get DH to do the business now.

Quodlibet Tue 18-Sep-12 21:00:08

Hey Pipbin, I use that brand of OPK and that is what my positives look like (confirmed by a temp rise a day later) on CD18 and 19 this month

However, I have been testing OPKs every day since end of AF this cycle and noticed that I also got a line on CD8 this cycle. I read somewhere that you can have several LH surges before your body builds up enough to prompt ovulation, so I wonder if that was it.

I would def treat it as ovulation if I were you though and put your DP on Sex Alert.

Quodlibet Tue 18-Sep-12 21:07:20

PS Pipbin your cycles look almost identical to mine, including the spotting.

Pipbin Tue 18-Sep-12 21:18:10

Interesting stuff Quodi I had a temp rise this morning so I'm guessing that I may well have ov'd a whole week early.

Spotting sucks doesn't it.

Quodlibet Tue 18-Sep-12 21:30:11

Yup it does. My GP had a peer and decided it was due to cervical erosion but I'm not totally reassured by that, especially coupled with other cycle oddities.

Pipbin Tue 18-Sep-12 21:51:53

This is the first cycle I've had since settling down after the pill that has been odd.
I've always had spotting though. Doctors don't seem worried but I'm not sure I agree.

Pipbin Fri 21-Sep-12 00:05:22

We fertility friend seems to confirm that I have ov'd a week early!

Quodlibet Fri 21-Sep-12 00:10:03

Look on the bright side - kind of 1 week less of 2ww?

Pipbin Fri 21-Sep-12 18:54:50

This is kind of true. I find the waiting to ov more annoying than the tww

Creamtea1 Fri 21-Sep-12 20:31:08

I agree pipbin, and good luck for this month smile

Pipbin Fri 21-Sep-12 22:04:39

Thanks Cream. Seems like I'm spotting a bit already though.....

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