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3rd failed attempt of embryo implantation

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KarRose Mon 10-Sep-12 19:51:45

Just done pregnancy test, negative again!!! Beginning to think should I just give up and accept it is not meant to be for us. Not getting any younger and can we take going through it all again. We have had good fertilisation results and went to blastocyst this time, why o why does the embryo not implant. Such a devasting dissapointment.

bagofholly Sat 13-Oct-12 14:45:41

You're right, Guys wouldn't do it and that's one of the reasons their results are crap. Dr. George can't show previous successes personally, only the success of his previous clinic where he was part of a team. So whilst his approach is similar to that of clinics getting consistently good results, he can't demonstrate the same as he treats a tiny number of patients and has been doing so for a short time. (And he's doing it in a clinic run with questionable ethics.) So by using a clinic with a similar approach, but which has treated far more patients successfully, for far longer, the whole process is far less of a shot in the dark. Dr. George might be having a good year. ARGC, the lister and UCH have had good results year after year and are therefore more likely to do so again.

Caroline9 Fri 29-Jan-16 10:29:03

Hi shibboleth. Am also trying to look for clinics in London.Saw the discussion about ziti west. Happy for you. How old are you when you conceived dear?

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