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I can't be pregnant and yet here I am feeling very very pregnant

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SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 20:12:41

I have been on the pill for 6 months but due to rocky patch with dh have only had sex once in that time. That was 20/8/12. This was actually just as withdrawal bleed began. I have missed the odd one this cycle (and started a day late!). I feel sick, I can't abide the smell of anything and coffee tastes like metal. Just like dc1 and 2. Felt pregnant incredibly early with them too.

I can't be pregnant can I?!?!

littlepiggie Tue 02-Oct-12 18:47:05

Any chance you've got pregnant in the last few weeks as you said you've stopped taking the pill?

hlipop Tue 02-Oct-12 19:01:54

back to the doctors i'd say for confirmation

SurelynotcanI Tue 02-Oct-12 19:04:25

We used condoms and only had sex once. The morning I posted this originally. Sorry TMI! Seems that I am pregnant though. DH says the line is too faint. But I said a line is a line!! Oh my goodness I had a negative test on Sunday so I gave the cot away...GAH

SurelynotcanI Tue 02-Oct-12 19:05:36

Pregancy tests at the docs take three days here though. Might go digital in the morning. DH may read the word pregnant and be more convinced than a faint pink line!

HaveALittleFaith Tue 02-Oct-12 19:17:08

Hi, sorry this is still dragging on. What kind of test did you use today?

I would use a First Response Early response rather than digital. If a non-digital was faint today, a digital may still give a false negative. I had oh so faint lines on a couple of cheap tests but got an instant, strong positive on a FRER. I hope it's all clearer for you soon.

SurelynotcanI Tue 02-Oct-12 20:00:23

Used one from Morrisons...and it was so faint. Will do the other one in the pack tomorrow morning and then find a FRER for next one. DH needs some convincing...asap. I've felt pregnant for a while so I am not really suprised...though did get a shock to actually see a line!

littlepiggie Wed 03-Oct-12 08:21:56

Did you do the other test?

StellaAndFries Wed 03-Oct-12 08:25:33

Fwiw I had a pregnancy test at the doctors which said negative even though a HPT said positive, I did another a couple of days later for the doctors and it was positive.

willitbe Wed 03-Oct-12 12:00:21

surelynotcani - I am confused as to when you think you might have become pregnant?

Are you thinking you have been pregnant from before your first post which was nearly a month ago from the sex on the 20th August.

Or do you think you became pregnant from 6th September?

IF you are thinking that you are pregnant from the 20th August you must guess you are about 8 weeks pregnant, if so, pregnancy tests in later pregnancy can show up as false negative due to the hook effect, where the hcg can be so high that the test malfunctions, you would need to have blood test or scan to confirm pregnancy in this case.

Also what did the doctors say from your test on the 7th september? Was it a blood test and did they say it was negative then - if so, then this must be a new pregnancy from after that time surely?

IF you are thinking that you are pregnant from 6th September you are only going to be around 5 weeks pregnant, possibly only around 4 weeks pregnant, which would explain the faint tests. In which case I hope you were intending to get pregnant having stopped the pill!

Did the result on the test that you took yesterday come up within the time limit and have colour in it?

Sorry to read that this has been going on for you for over a month and you still have no answer. I hope you get an answer soon (my mum and sister both had pregnancies where they did not have positive pregnancy tests, and it is stressful)

SurelynotcanI Thu 04-Oct-12 08:49:19

Right! Thank you all for your comments and feedback!

With my other two pregnancies I had HPT which showed positive quite late. I felt pregnant on the 6th September and didn't really see that I could be. We did have sex that morning when still on the pill etc so certainly was not thinking that that had anything to do with it. Thought I was pregnant from the 21st. (Oh how boring and sad of me to know the dates...suppose because so few!). Negative test at docs on 7th. Have still been feeling pregnant etc and on Tuesday a dustbin lorry drove past me and I doubled over as felt so sick...the friend I was walking with looked at me with a very raised eyebrow. So I did another test on Tuesday afternoon. Extremely faint positive. DH was unconvinced. Tested again this morning - twice. Again with two cheap supermarket ones. Couldn't get to a shop for a more responsive one as was suggested. Both positive. Both lines appeared quite quickly. DH went suitably pale. Back to the doctors at 10.30 this morning!

littlepiggie Thu 04-Oct-12 12:32:12

How did it go?

willitbe Thu 04-Oct-12 12:43:58

Congratulations on your pregnancy, I hope your dh has recovered suitably from the shock!!!!

SurelynotcanI Thu 04-Oct-12 13:54:28

Thank you! So going for an early scan hopefully to see how far I actually am! And I'm terribly excited...even though only just gave the cot away really! DH justs needs to compute in his brain...

littlepiggie Thu 04-Oct-12 14:20:14

Lol @ dh, men are so easily confused by life

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