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I can't be pregnant and yet here I am feeling very very pregnant

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SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 20:12:41

I have been on the pill for 6 months but due to rocky patch with dh have only had sex once in that time. That was 20/8/12. This was actually just as withdrawal bleed began. I have missed the odd one this cycle (and started a day late!). I feel sick, I can't abide the smell of anything and coffee tastes like metal. Just like dc1 and 2. Felt pregnant incredibly early with them too.

I can't be pregnant can I?!?!

QueenofJacksDreams Thu 06-Sep-12 20:16:51

You could be theres only one way to tell! I conceived on the 23/08 and am 8 weeks morning sickness is fucking awful right now too so theres every chance you are.

FrankelSaysRelax Thu 06-Sep-12 20:18:05

If you've had sex, then yes you could be pregnant grin

Only way to be sure is to POAS!

SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 20:21:35

I know! Oh God! Would it be too early to POAS though? In middle of taking pill though haven't taken it today yet. Should I take it or would that be bad if I was pregnant? Had funny small bleed today as well. Very brown and stringy (sorry tmi). Not sure what to do - with respect to taking pill?

FrankelSaysRelax Thu 06-Sep-12 20:24:05

Assuming you are, you'll be anything between 12 and 16 days post ovulation, so you could test now but you may need to take another one in a week or so to be sure.

Can't give advice about the Pill, perhaps call NHS Direct?

SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 20:27:07

Ah that's a good idea! Thank you. With the other two took till 5 days after period was due for a BFP. Argh! This wave of nausea came over this morning and has stayed all day. Along with funny smells and metal. And I just can't help thinking this all feels a bit familiar...

UndercoverExpert Thu 06-Sep-12 20:30:18

Hi Surely, a pregnancy test is reliable 3 weeks after the date of conception, which you already know is around 20/8, so the 3 week mark is this Monday (10th). But it may be positive considerably earlier for some women (especially if symptomatic). So you could POAS now (and test the first urine sample of the day, which is the most concentrated so most likely to contain pregnancy hormones), but if negative it'd need repeating on Monday. There is no evidence that the combined pill causes harm to the unborn child, but if you're not having sex regularly you could stop taking it until you've passed the 3 week mark, then restart if you have a negative result, but you'd have to wait 7 days before you could consider yourself covered for contraception.

SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 20:37:17

THanks, I'm thinking of it as two weeks but I suppose yes it would be three weeks on Monday! Oh my goodness! Right. I could nip out and get one I suppose but then I would do it tonight and would be BFN and I would be no further along. Might stop taking the pill and test on Monday I guess? ~ARGH!!!!!

PooPooOnMars Thu 06-Sep-12 20:51:49

Do it! smile

RancerDoo Thu 06-Sep-12 20:58:21

Yeah, just get a test now.
I reckon if you are pregnant enough to have symptoms you are pregnant enough to test.

IME pregnancy symptoms are a lot like normal post-ovulatory gripes. If you are not pregnant then you might just be feeling this way because you ovulated (as a result of missing pills etc).

SurelynotcanI Thu 06-Sep-12 21:07:10

Can't go out now...dh will think have gone mad. He knows I think I might be but thinks is so unlikely that heading out for pregnancy tests will make him think I've lost it...

SurelynotcanI Fri 07-Sep-12 18:42:09

I went to the doctor today who said perfectly possible pregnant. They have sent a test off and I'll find out on Monday or Tuesday. But I still feel constantly sick/funny smells/off coffee. Think my ability not to just POAS is vanishing fast.
Little bleed went brown and then seems to have stopped (sorry tmi). Driving myself a bit mad here...

PooPooOnMars Fri 07-Sep-12 18:57:46

Couldn't they just do a stick one there and then!? Can't you?

RancerDoo Fri 07-Sep-12 19:02:18

Oh just get a pee stick surely? What kind of doctor sends off wee? Is it the 1950s where you are?

SurelynotcanI Fri 07-Sep-12 19:09:36

Yes to the 1950s...! I thought she would do it there and then really. Might be time to head out, or wait till the first morning pee? I'm slightly in denial about the possibility of this but feel so like I am pregnant that I might have to face up to it!

SlightlyJaded Fri 07-Sep-12 19:24:23

Wait for Victorian Doctor to chase up results by telegraph on Monday?


Nip to Superdrug?


How can you bear to wait? POAS smile

SurelynotcanI Fri 07-Sep-12 19:57:34


PooPooOnMars Fri 07-Sep-12 20:02:26

What's bfn!?

SurelynotcanI Fri 07-Sep-12 20:03:12

Big Fat Negative

PooPooOnMars Fri 07-Sep-12 21:48:39

Oh i see! How do you feel about that?

SurelynotcanI Sun 09-Sep-12 21:12:57

I don't really know. I still feel pregnant really. I stopped taking the pill mid cycle beacuse of it and now wondering if all my various symptons are just because I messed around with that too much. I am bleeding lightly...oh I don't know!

PooPooOnMars Sun 09-Sep-12 22:16:01

Maybe do another one in a week or so just in case. smile

SurelynotcanI Fri 21-Sep-12 21:28:39

Back again...still feeling very similar to my first two pregnancies but yesterday had another negative test.

Could this all be a side affect of coming off the pill?

SurelynotcanI Tue 02-Oct-12 18:27:11

So....I did another test today and a faint line appeared after a couple of that not very late for a positive result? ARGH!!!!!!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 02-Oct-12 18:38:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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