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Trying to conceive after mc? Pregnant after MC and seeking somewhere safe to hide? Recently graduated from the mosh pit? Come on down to the mosh pit for some serious metalling and cake! Part

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Dorita75 Mon 03-Sep-12 20:28:18

Hi, thought I'd start the new thread. This is a brilliant thread for anyone trying to conceive or who has got a bfp after mc, full of lovely ladies, fab advice and a lovely place to metal, so called because someone said metal instead of mental and the rest is history......

wilderumpus Tue 04-Sep-12 19:16:55

good luck with the GTT state brew

tasmaniandevilchaser Tue 04-Sep-12 19:17:25

marking place
and congrats to wilde! I got excessive saliva with DD - bloody horrible!

hi to chook and scardy!

MumTumWanted Tue 04-Sep-12 19:20:25

Ooo good luck quicksie smile

I'm not so quietly metalling .... '6' week scan tomorrow ..... The last 3 mc we never got as far as a heartbeat. I'm just terrified this is the same . I guess I've pinned my hopes on the b vits the pregnacare the d vits and the progesterone and aspirin being my saviours. Feel if even with all that if it still hasn't helped then I've got to give up.....
Seems ridiculous but I've kind set myself up that if there's a hb all will be fine thereafter. Ridiculous I know as so much more can go wrong but I feel if I can just get this far then at least we got one step further this time ...... Though that's not to say I won't still metal of course wink as i guess then its just dog year days until the next scan etc. oh how u long for the naivety of my first highly uneventful pregnancy if 13 years ago.....
please please let's find a hb tomorrow [ crosses fingers toes legs arms and everything else emoticon]

Dorita75 Tue 04-Sep-12 19:40:33

Congrats wilderumpus!

Hi scardy, welcome indeed! I don't want to be negative but just need to ask, have you had a negative result since your mc or is this the first test you’ve done? It does sound like you’re pg but those hormones can stick around after mc, I didn’t get a negative until a month after my erpc which was a right pisser!

Welcome chookford, you’re in a good place here smile

Thanks Quicksie, here’s hoping the good luck comes my way! Would have been having a baby this week if it hadn’t gone tits up back in February so would like some baby dust

Mumtum, as you say, we know so much can go wrong, but what’s hard for us to remember is that so much goes right, all the time and it’s about time you had some of that, everything crossed for you

Good luck to everyone to get what we all want x

wilderumpus Tue 04-Sep-12 19:53:42

good luck for tomorrow mumtum. everything crossed. I am just hoping to get past friday without AF and to 4+6 without major cramping which is what tipped the dr off about my blighted ovum last pg. A scan would cause a full metal jacket in this house so no need to explain! every little date/event/week passed is HUGE milestone for us!

dorita sorry to hear this would have been your due week sad Lots of luck to you!

StateofConfusion Tue 04-Sep-12 20:01:10

Good luck mumtum ill keep everything crossed for you xxx

The words said on the midwives are really ringing true for me this evening, I went through my pfbs keepsake box with him as ofc being pregnant he's become very interested in babys and what he was like, my first mc was july 2010, then feb 2011 then the mmc in dec 2011, I feel like I've been pregnant for so long, waiting for this baby for years, does that make sense, thankfully its a wriggly little thing and reassuring me whilst I feel so unsettled. But looking back on ds' scan photos, and tiny clothes I remembered the innocence, the pure joy, I hope with the arrival of this one I can have that back, and let all the darkness and fear slip away.

Quicksie Tue 04-Sep-12 21:19:26

mumtum good luck for tomorrow...cliched I know but the chances are so much better after you have seen a heart beat! I know lots of people on here have not found that, but we are the unlucky few percent I guess. Also, I have heard great things on other forums about asprin. It seems to make a big difference for a lot of ladies who have had multiple MCs. Youa re doing everything right and then some.

Dorita the due date thing is hitting me hard already, well over a month away! A colleague suggested that me and DP get married on Halloween (we are a bit goth) and then someone loudly reminded her that halloween was my due date. Can't believe now that I was ever so laid back about getting to October without a hitch.

State I really hope you get your wish, my goodness you deserve it!

Midgetm Tue 04-Sep-12 23:33:22

Marking place by running round and round Wilde shouting yippee

Midgetm Wed 05-Sep-12 07:18:32

mumtum so busy marking place forgot to say good luck for the scan. The 6 week is always the worse one for me. Got everything crossed for you. Sending you positive thoughts across this here interweb.

Jollyb Wed 05-Sep-12 08:33:30

Hope everything goes well today mumtum.(love your username BTW)

Quicksie and Dorita - your posts about due dates have made me a bit melancholic this am. The due date from my second MC was mid October and so I would have been gearing up to mat leave now.

wilderumpus Wed 05-Sep-12 10:48:19

good luck today mumtum.

thanks midget smile

aw quicksie brew biscuit

I got a darker line this morning so fingers crossed this one is sticking. Symptoms feel lovely like they did with DS rather than with the BO pregnancy when they felt awful. I was so dizzy I couldn't move my head, it all felt wrong.

By the by I took baby-aspirin this month. Obviously not advocating self-medicating, for me I had two CPs and one BO under my belt in a row so couldn't see the harm in risking taking it. My sis also has hughes syndrome (?!) with her Lupus. I don't have lupus but nurses remark on my thick blood when i give blood. This could be a good thing but I thought it couldn't harm something that might be buggered anyway... oh dear, my basic and shite lack of knowledge. Only thing is now I daren't stop!

StateofConfusion Wed 05-Sep-12 11:50:13

Good luck today mumtum

I survived the GTT, anyone else having them, my hospital has changed the solution we have to drink to something much easier to swallow and didn't make me feel horrendous afterwards.

Quicksie Wed 05-Sep-12 18:13:33

wilde your symptoms sound good! I have read in a few places that you can stop taking asprin after 12 weeks...but I am not sure why! I will have a look on t'internet and see if I can expand on these wild claims!

Jolly sorry we have made you feel sad! I was thinking about maternity leave today as I would have been in for about two weeks after the summer hols, then off on maternity! I had a lot of pressure on me to tell the rest of the staff about being PG, so they could advertise my post without the gossip mill starting up...really wish I had kept it to myself and I will do next time!

Glad it was alright state.

Herb crusted chicken for tea tonight, I will make you all some chicken sarnies for your pack up tomorrow!

Quicksie Wed 05-Sep-12 18:14:24

Hello to everyone else by the way!

wilderumpus Wed 05-Sep-12 18:50:48

well done state smile when will you get the results? are you worried at all?

aw thanks quicksie. I just read about it on here and found some in the cupboard and the next thing I knew... hmm

symptoms are good so far indeed! This time on the mc-pg (at 3+5) I wrote in my diary about how crampy I was and worried about mc. but I haven't had a single cramp today! Not a one! Some lovely little twinges and veeery sore boobs and a huge bloated tum. I just feel well. I can just hope about the future but for today I am pregnant. smile

Quicksie Wed 05-Sep-12 19:21:54

wilde you sound really pg! Nice one!

backwardpossom Wed 05-Sep-12 19:40:13

Sounds good wilde

mumtum hope your scan went well? Thinking of you xx

Dorita75 Wed 05-Sep-12 19:56:39

Thanks Wilderumps
Sorry for making you feel down jollyb it’s rubbish isn’t it. Hopefully I can cheer you up with my new positive attitude! I've felt really motivated to get back on the healthy lifestyle (I’d started drinking a bit too often and skipping the fruit and veg for choc...) and ordered some preseed stuff, all set to go in our house now!!
Great news on your symptoms mumtum How did the scan go?

MandaHugNKiss Wed 05-Sep-12 20:07:07

Just hopping on to offer a hand to marrf for tomorrow - you're in my thoughts my lovely.

And, mumtum really hoping you've had some good news too.

ConfusedMumDotCom Wed 05-Sep-12 20:45:21

Hoorah! Congratulations wilde ((hugs))

I hope everything went well today mumtum

All well here. I'm now 14 weeks - no idea where the time has gone.

sets out tray of tea and chocolate biscuits

Jollyb Wed 05-Sep-12 20:48:14

Don't worry girls I'm ok. it's funny but I haven't spent too much time thinking about my due dates. Probably best as there's so many of them now!

Trying the healthy lifestyle approach too. Partly because the one big difference between me now and me 2 1/2 years ago when I got pregnant with my daughter - is that I was fit then and 1 1/2 stone lighter. Might have to invest in some seed too - can you get it on Amazon?!!

Martha - hope you get some answers tomorrow. Will be thinking of you.

Jollyb Wed 05-Sep-12 20:49:02

Goodness that's flown confused. Seems like yesterday you got your BFP

oo00PIXIE00oo Wed 05-Sep-12 21:53:37

Hi ladies just making my mark so I know I can always find you!

Congrats wilde smile fingers cross quicksie xx

My news whispers my bleeding seems to have stopped since my complete embarrassment in Colchester on Saturday (fingers crossed) hopefully the healing process can begin now hmm

We are not sure about TTC for the next few months - on the one hand I have been pg twice this year (total of 5 months) to no avail and my body physically, mentally and emotionally needs a break - on the other hand at 42 I'm no spring chicken blush.

Will pop back in a few days to see how everyone is xx

JaffaSnaffle Wed 05-Sep-12 22:24:44

Thinking if you tomorrow Martha....

mumtum, also thinking of you - hope scan went well today

AlmondAvocado Wed 05-Sep-12 22:39:39


Sorry to jump in on the thread but was hoping for some advice/reassurance. I had a mc in July and I still haven't had my AF (CD40 tomor). Should I be worried? I was only 6.5 weeks of and had a scan to show everything had gone...

Stressing as we can't get on with TTC until the damn thing comes!!

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